Burj Dubai News 5.
sss According to Old Town Resident Burj Dubai took another step forward and hit 656.1 meters with the new, 11th steel floor. He has also taken two photos, which can be viewed in the latest, June Gallery. The Tier Methodology of the Burj Dubai by Ray Fleury can now be downloaded in PDF format.
Burj Dubai
sss The 10th steel floor has been completed, the start of the 11th is expected in the next days. There are 141 new photos by Imre of Burj Dubai (and his favorite camel posing with the tower) and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, plus 5 more by Old Town Resident.
Dubai-Skyscraper-053036.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-053079.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-0530135.jpg
sss Qiwen Li, Burj Dubai worker has died in the hospital after a heavy panel fell on him in the tower. He was the second victim since the beginning of the construction.
There are 8 new photos of Burj Dubai and the Old Town by Old Town Resident. Arabian Business has an extensive article on the tower's servicing, read it HERE.
The latest Youtube videos:
Flying close to the top of the tower
At the site on May 11th
Burj Dubai in the Indian news
Driving on the Sheikh Zayed Road
From an office - lucky person
Burj Dubai by Emaar
sss Burj Dubai is now the world's tallest structure ever built. The construction of the next steel floor has started which makes the tower 649.7 m tall. See our comparison diagram below. The 94th floor of Burj Dubai has sold for $12 million. 11000 sq ft of office space will be available for the European buyer.
Burj Dubai and the Warsaw Radia Mast
sss Huge photo update by Imre Solt. You can now find 115 new pictures of Burj Dubai and the Downtown Burj Dubai in our May Gallery.
The tower is now 643.3m tall, just 3 meters shorter than the tallest man-made structure ever built, the Warsaw Radio Mast. Read an article about the replica of Burj Dubai that will be featured in Legoland along with other skyscrapers HERE.
Dubai-Skyscraper-0517108.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-051760.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-051756.jpg
sss Burj Dubai has broken yet another record with the help of Arabian Aluminum Company, which laid the reflective glass panels at the height of 512 metres / level 141on Monday.
New photos from the Cityscape 2008 by Imre Solt, which is being held in Abu Dhabi. The booth of Arabtec and RWDI are showing two different models of Burj Dubai, check them HERE. 5 new construction pictures by Old Town Resident. Dequal has published his May Update video of the construction progress, usual good quality with chill out music. Ray Fleury's Tier explanation through construction photos can be viewed on the facts page.
burj_dubai-model-2008-cityscape-abudhabi-01.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-051202.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-051204.jpg
sss 37 new construction photos by Syed Aouf and Old Town Resident of Burj Dubai and the 306 m tall Burj Dubai Lake Hotel which has recently topped out.
New Youtube videos: Burj Dubai lift - shows 1 minute of travelling down with the construction elevator. The tallest tower - driving by the Burj Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road.
burj burj burj
sss 45 aerial photos were taken of Burj Dubai on Imre's helicopter trip today. An over 5 meter tall version of the tower will be built as a part of Legoland in Dubailand by 2011 in the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai-Skyscraper-050816.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-050819.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-050833.jpg
sss Imre is back and took 17 new pictures of Burj Dubai from the Sheikh Zayed Road, and 3 photos of the new model of the tower, which was displayed at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.
Dubai-Skyscraper-050617.jpg Dubai-Skyscraper-050607.jpg burj_dubai-model-2008-Arabian-Travel-Market-1.jpg
sss The top out of Burj Dubai is expected in 4-5 months according to Adrian Smith. He also said that there would be only four habitable floors in the steel structure. Construction of the 9th steel floor has started, which puts Burj Dubai to 643.3 meters. Dubai is going to have the largest number of supertalls with 7 under developement and 5 new towers will be announced with over 100 storeys. Renderings:
Dubai Supertall Towers 2008
sss Ten new photos of Burj Dubai by Peter Bäcker who was visiting Dubai. Latest videos of Burj Dubai on Youtube:
Burj at night from the SZR
Alikberm's animation of the tower
Burj Dubai from the helicopter
Skyscrapers of 2008 (!)
Construction Dec. 2005 - April 2008
dubai-tower2605.jpg dubai-tower2205.jpg dubai-tower2206.jpg
sss Read an interesting interview with the creator of Burj Dubai, Adrian Smith, on Khaleej Times. The latest photos are by Omaro of the Dubai Creek with the Dubai skyline in the background, and by OTR/AltinD of Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel.
dubai-tower2804.jpg dubai-tower2812.jpg dubai-tower2810.jpg
sss The cladding work on Burj Dubai is scheduled to finish on 31st of October 2008, according to an anonymous source with connections to Arabian Aluminum. Current Thinking won the contract to install fire safety devices in the Burj Dubai tower. There are 12 new photos by Old Town Resident.
dubai-tower2502.jpg dubai-tower2506.jpg dubai-tower2507.jpg
sss Emaar has unveiled the driverless tram system for Burj Dubai. The light railway line will be 4.6 km's long and scheduled to start operation of the first phase by end of 2009. A one way loop journey will take 8 minutes and it will server over 30,000 homes. 14 new photos by AltinD and Omaro.
Burj Dubai tram system
sss An European national base-jumper wanted to be the first person to jump off the Burj Dubai, but he got caught by the police after entered the tower and wanted to climb high enough for the jump. According to Burj Dubai now has 164 floors (updated on 04.14.08), and 636.9 m tall. The highest resolution photo of Burj Dubai so far was taken by Fürstleur, it has 120 megapixels (6400 x 19012). Download the Large version (26 mbytes) HERE, and the lower quality (7MB - 3200 x 9506) HERE. New official renders and third party renders (by Zion). 5 new photos by OTR.
View from the Opus tower on Burj Dubai Burj Dubai tower Burj
sss Construction of a new floor have begun today, according to Old Town Resident. The new photos of Burj Dubai were taken by AltinD and Omaro this time.
dubai-tower1202.jpg dubai-tower1207.jpg dubai-tower1304.jpg
sss The design architect, Adrian Smith gave an interesting interview about his company and Burj Dubai. He claims that there are 40 storeys left to be built, which could mean 200 storeys all together (current 160 + 40). Click HERE to view the video. The world's largest mall, Dubai Mall, is set to open on August 28, 2008. Three new photos of Burj Dubai and the 306 m tall Burj Dubai Lake Hotel by Old Town Resident.
Burj BDLH Burj Hotel
sss New: Monthly videos by Dequal, click HERE. Nakheel's supertall, known as Al Burj will definitely be taller than Burj Dubai. Woods Bagot was awarded the contract for this tower which will be located on the Arabian Canal and said to be 300m taller than Burj Dubai. The exact height is unkown, the name and the design are not finalized yet either. AltinD has taken 9 new photos of Burj Dubai, the Lofts the SZR and the future Business Bay skyline which is starting to take shape. 4 new aerial photos by Omaro from his plane and the latest photos are by Old Town Resident.
dubai-tower0307.jpg dubai-tower0506.jpg dubai-tower0701.jpg
sss A short video tour inside the Burj Dubai from Imre's last visit is now available and can be viewed HERE. Credit to Omaro, Old Town Resident and AltinD for the latest construction photos.
dubai-tower0206.jpg dubai-tower0401.jpg dubai-tower0404.jpg
sss A pack of new pics by Omaro of Burj Dubai, the Old Town and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. 43 photos from the previous days, a nice night shot from yesterday and 9 were taken today. Link to the new gallery.
Burj Dubai art burj-dubai-tower3101.jpg Erecting steel structure
sss Imre got permission to enter the Burj Dubai once again, and spent 3,5 hours inside, from 9 am to 12:30. This time he was able to get up to the 140th floor (which is at the same height as the top of Taipei 101) of the tallest structure on earth. There are 186 new photos of his trip, that you can see HERE. Samples:
140th floor Looking down on Burj Dubai Lake Hotel The elevator
sss Burj Dubai became the World's Tallest Structure! The tower has just hit the 630,5 m mark by starting the construction of the third mezzanine level. The top of the three new columns makes it 1,7 m taller than the KVLY-TV Mast. The one and only remaining record to be broken is the height of the collapsed Warsaw radio mast, which used to be 646.38 metres tall until August 8. 1991 . Photos by Altind:
burj-dubai-tower2701.jpg burj-dubai-tower2703.jpg burj-dubai-tower2702.jpg
sss Huge explosion has hit the industrial area of Dubai, Al Quoz. The blast of the illegal firework warehouse was followed by massive fire that spread on the nearby warehouses. The thick grey smoke has infested the Sheikh Zayed Road area, including the Burj Dubai. New photos by Old Town Resident, Omaro and Imre.
Burj Dubai and the smoke
sss Burj Dubai is now available in 3 dimension on Google Earth. A little know-how on how to get it work, with previews HERE. The latest model of the tower and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel can be found in the Business Bay Sales Center. The photos of the models can be viewed HERE. There are 74 pictures in Imre's mega update and 6 new ones by OTR.
burj-dubai-tower2260.jpg burj-dubai-tower2252.jpg burj-dubai-tower2301.jpg

sss Burj Dubai is soon to set a new record by becoming the tallest structure on earth. In a few days the tower will be 630.5m tall, slightly less than 2 meters taller than the KVLY-TV Mast in North Dakota, USA. Currently Burj Dubai is at 624.1m, which is the top of the second mezzanine on floor no. 160. There are 40 new photos by Imre and OTR, including photos of the mechanical floor cladding which has just started.

Warsaw Radio Mast *
Burj Dubai

burj-dubai-tower1825.jpg burj-dubai-tower1827.jpg burj-dubai-tower1901.jpg

sss The steel construction on the top of the tower is getting quicker, it is currently on the 6th level. Dequal made a video on the construction progress of Burj Dubai, called the "March Update", it can be watched on Youtube. The latest photos were taken by Old Town Resident:
burj-dubai-tower1301.jpg burj-dubai-tower1401.jpg
sss Small update for today with 8 new photos by Old Town Resident.
burj-dubai-tower1101.jpg burj-dubai-tower1102.jpg burj-dubai-tower1201.jpg
sss There are now 6832 workers at the Burj Dubai site. 30 new photos of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel have been uploaded that were taken by Imre and OTR. The new Samsung promotion video shows the progress in Burj Dubai's construction, they call it the "Thank You Campaign". The March 3rd news have been updated, as we found out that the earlier posted Al Burj renders are fake.
burj-dubai-tower0713.jpg burj-dubai-tower0723.jpg burj-dubai-tower0727.jpg
sss Emaar claims that the reason for the delay of Burj Dubai lies in the interior design quality. They have rejected several design plans so far and wouldn't compromise the quality of the interior design. There are 4 new photos by OTR that were taken today.
burj-dubai-tower0501.jpg burj-dubai-tower0503.jpg burj-dubai-tower0502.jpg
sss According to Al Abbar Group, Burj Dubai is four months behind the schedule. Currently the 5th steel floor is under construction. The Belgian National TV got permission to enter the Burj Dubai and get on the top of the tower, the video can be seen HERE. New photos by OTR were taken at the site and from the 27th floor of Burj al-Arab hotel, and a couple of more by Syedaouf.
burj-dubai-tower0311.jpg Burj Dubai from the Burj al-Arab hotel Top steel floors
sss 3 new photos by Old Town Resident with Burj Dubai in the
clouds and a few more by AltinD taken yesterday. The new look of the number one competitor for Burj Dubai revealed. The new design of
Al Burj
is slim and futuristic, and has much more details than the old design
Fake renders, real renders coming soon
new Al Burj render new Al Burj render
sss Burj Dubai now consists of 160 storeys and it is at 611.3m height. There are two fresh videos that can be viewed HERE and the first photos of March are HERE.
burj-dubai-tower0101.jpg burj-dubai-tower0106.jpg burj-dubai-tower0105.jpg
sss Al Abbar Aluminium is working on the cladding of the podium levels of Burj Dubai. Imre has taken 40 new photos of the tower and 2 of the Dubai Mall.
podium level cladding Burj Dubai in the sky 4th steel floor construction
sss Saudi Arabian Kingdom Holding Co. plans to build The Mile High Tower which will reach 1600 meters in height. The project will be built in the Red Sea port city, Jeddah. Cost figures are two times less than for the Downtown Burj Dubai (10 billion - 20 billion US dollars). There are 3 new photos for today by Old Town Resident.
Burj_Dubai022703.jpg Burj_Dubai022702.jpg Burj_Dubai022701.jpg
sss Extensive road works have begun all around Burj Dubai. The cladding is up to nearly level 100 now. 9 new photos by OTR and 17 by Imre.
Burj tower tower top claddings reflection
sss Old Town Resident took 4 new photos of Burj Dubai in the morning. There are two new galleries, one with the renders of Dubai Mall - which will be the biggest mall when it's built, and a gallery of Burj Dubai interior pictures.
Burj_Dubai022001.jpg dubai_mall07.jpg Burj_Dubai_interior5.jpg
sss China to build Baby Burj
Shijicheng Shijijinyuan Group is planning to build a 328 tower project called the Century City in Changsha, China. The main tower will be the undersize replica of Emaar's Burj Dubai, consisting 70 storeys. It is rumoured to be 300 meters tall, but at least 286.
China's Burj Duba replica
sss Todays update includes: 60 fresh new photos by Imre of the Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel (taken from the Business Bay plot and the Burj plot). 36 night shots by Omaro of the tower, the Dubai Mall Hotel and the BLDH, and 5 more by Old Town Resident.
Burj_Dubai021451.jpg Burj_Dubai021453.jpg Burj_Dubai021332.jpg
sss Imre visited the construction site of the U-Bora Towers, which are situated in Business Bay, the future central business district of Dubai. 11 new photos were taken there, and 4 older pictures are now online by Syedaouf and Omaro.
Burj_Dubai020904.jpg Burj_Dubai021103.jpg Burj_Dubai021003.jpg
sss New photos of Burj Dubai for today: 5 by Mohamed, 9 by Azzan Zadjali, 2 night shots by Old Town Resident. One photo by Tom Green of the Dubai skyline taken from his Abu Dhabi flight yesterday.
Burj_Dubai020817.jpg Dubai skyline Burj Dubai at night
sss Emaar promises accelerated construction on Burj Dubai. There are 3 new photos by Old Town Resident of the steel and cladding progress on the tower, and one photo by Imre taken from the Jumeirah Lake Towers.
Burj Dubai from JLT Cladding progress Steel progress
sss Three breathtaking panoramic photos of Burj Dubai can be viewed HERE, they are the work of John von Staudach photographer. Crystal clear weather today in Dubai, 7 new photos by Imre.
Dubai skyline Burj_Dubai020601.jpg Burj_Dubai020603.jpg Burj_Dubai020605.jpg
sss The Burj Dubai tower has risen to a new record height: 604.9 meters (2641 ft.) at level 159. The cladding work is done on 12,000 panels which means it has reached over 50% completion. There are two photos by Imre from yesterday and 3 by Old Town Resident taken this morning.
Burj_Dubai020401.jpg Burj_Dubai020501.jpg Burj_Dubai020502.jpg
sss First photos of Burj Dubai in February were taken by Old Town Resident in a sand storm which is quite frequent in the Emirates. There are also 10 photos taken today by Omaro and Imre. The new gallery can be found HERE.
Photo by Old Town Resident Photo by Imre Photo by Omaro
sss A new set of photos by Imre are now online, taken from the Burj Dubai site, from Business Bay and the Al Wasl Road. The construction of the third steel level has begun on Burj Dubai tower.
Burj and Imre's teddy bear facade installation on the tower 3rd steel floor under construction
sss 6 photos were taken by one of our readers, Ronnie Stewart, on the 21st of January, and there are 27 new photos by Imre of Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel.
Burj Dubai by Ronnie Stewart Burj Dubai and BDLH top of Burj Dubai
sss Today the Burj Dubai workers (Burj Dubai Tower Project team) were posing for Imre's camera. There are now 7157 of them at the construction site. The update includes 30 photos of Burj Dubai -and 5 more by Old Town Resident- (top part, podium levels and more), the workers and 3 of Burj Dubai Lake Hotel tower. There is also a new video, that can be viewed HERE.
Workers posing with the tower Top section (steel construction) Burj Dubai podium levels (entrance)
sss There are a few new renderings of Burj Dubai that can be found in the Renders Gallery. Imre took a photo today of the tower from the Dubai Jewel Tower (TECOM area).
photo of Burj Dubai from the Dubai Jewel Tower 2007-render.jpg burj-dubai_tower.jpg
sss Imre went on a photo trip with Paul Edwards investor, and took 26 pictures of Burj Dubai at the construction site and from the Palm Jumeirah. Omaro also took 15 photos, most of them from the Palm Jumeirah as well, including two night shots.
Burj_Dubai011901.jpg Burj_Dubai011911.jpg Burj_Dubai011908.jpg
sss 8 photos have been taken by Omaro today 7 AM in the morning, and 24 by Imre during the day of Burj Dubai and the BDLH.
Burj_Dubai011701.jpg Burj_Dubai011726.jpg Burj_Dubai011714.jpg
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