Al Burj - Burj Dubai's competitor number one
Al Burj

2008.Feb.02 UPDATE
Al Burj construction site:

Al Burj construction site

2007.Nov.2 UPDATE:
Soil testing at the construction site:
Al Burj soil testing

Al Burj:
The heart and soul of Dubai Waterfront is a new downtown and central, business district, Madinat Al Arab - a thriving, vibrant cityanchored by Al Burj, one of the world's tallest buildings. Spiraling towards the sky and forming acentrepiece that embodies the ambition, vision and magnitude of the developement, this new icon features dazzling views of the harbour from luxury duplex apartments.

- Predicted height: 1050m
- Floor number ~ 200
- Status: Soil testing
- Soil Testing - 2007 3rd Q.
- Construction start: 2008
- The developer company of Al Burj is Nakheel
- The name of the tower has been renamed in 2005, the old name was The Pinnacle
- Al Burj will be placed on the Palm Jumeirah artificial island in Dubai (UAE)


AB2008.jpg albu20rb.jpg albu32mu.jpg
AlBurjDay.jpg arse14xw.jpg arse47sq.jpg

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