Burj Dubai News 4.
sss The latest photos of Burj Dubai were taken by Imre, 234sale, AltinD and Dennis from various spots of Dubai: Arabian Ranches, Old Town, next to The Address hotel, behind the Mazaya, Sheikh Zayed Road, City of Arabia, the road between the COA an the Falcon City, Dubailand, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Business Bay, beach next to the Burj al-Arab, and some photos were taken in Ajman.
Burj0705.jpg Burj0603.JPG Burj0901.jpg
Great view from The Address hotel:
The Address Hotel room with Burj Dubai view
sss New photos of Burj Dubai by Dennis, Imre and Gerald Donovan. The photos were taken from the Old Town, from the beach next to the Burj al-Arab, from the Al Wasl Road and the Jumeirah Gardens site.
The Armani Hotel in Burj Dubai is set to open in September 2009, it will open first of all. The spire is totally finished (including beacons and platform) and completely inside the steel structure reaching until the concrete structure. It will be jacked in 8 stages, after each jack the fins and/or missing tiers will be attached -according to Dennis.

Burj0406.JPG Burj0505.jpg Burj0514.jpg
sss Ray Fleury's tier plans on the facts page were updated. There are new Burj Dubai pictures from the last days of November and from today by Imre, Dennis and the BDS team.

Old Town and the Burj Dubai tower Burj Dubai from the Address Hotel Dubai metro and Burj Dubai
sss The property owners of Burj Dubai have received official confirmation from Emaar that the handover date will be on 20. December 2009, however it is not very likely it will happen on that day. Previously the handover date was mid 2009.
New steel level is on the rise, the tower has hit 739.3 meters in height.
After a short halt on the cladding work, it is now on the go again.
New construction photos by Dennis, Imre, Old Town Resident and the Burj Dubai Skyscraper team.
Youtube videos:
Dequal's latest uptade: November
Burj Dubai base jumpers
Burj Dubai as seen from the bar of The Address Old Town, Burj Dubai podium, Burj Dubai lake Burj Dubai and The Address
sss The Burj Dubai is not being hit by the economy crisis as opposed to great towers like the Russia Tower in Moscow or the Chicago Spire. Some excellent photos of Dubai including the just opened Atlantis hotel and of course of the Burj Dubai can be seen on if you click the link.
New Burj pics by Old Town Resident, Dennis and AltinD.

BurjDubai_2102.jpg BurjDubai_2201.jpg BurjDubai_2104.jpg
sss 18 new photos of Burj Dubai by Dennis, Old Town Resident and AltinD. A short but great video shows the construction site of Burj Dubai, click HERE to watch it.
On top of Burj Dubai

Photo: OTR, Section analysis: Fury
On top of Burj Dubai, Sections and Tiers
sss The 3 aircraft beacons have been placed on Burj Dubai and the new floor has started. We are at 732.9 meters now.
The new photos of the tower were taken by Dennis and Old Town Resident.
The latest Youtube videos:
234sale's Business Bay Tour video features Burj Dubai as well
Burj Dubai light show:
Part 1. / Part 2.
Burj Dubai and Dubai Mall
The world, Palm Jumeirah, Deira, Burj al-Arab and Burj Dubai from the sky
Burj Dubai from the sky
sss Spotlights and laser show could be seen on Burj Dubai and the Dubai Metro two days ago as an advertisement for the Million Book Challange. Dubai Cares invites all students aged 3 to 14 years to collectively read 1,000,000 books in two weeks. The books will be purchased by Dubai Cares. It is a great way to encourage children to learn, so far over 650,000 books have been read in this competition.
The festing lighting plan of Burj Dubai will consist of over 1,000 lights with 200 pre-programmed shows.
New photos by Dennis and OTR.
Million Book Challange BurjDubai_1003.jpg BurjDubai_1002.jpg
sss The latest photos of Burj Dubai from the past few days were taken by Old Town Resident, Dubai Boy, 234sale and Dennis.
A few interesting facts about the newly opened Dubai Mall:
- Currently more than 600 retail outlets
- Olympic-sized ice-rink
- Grand aquarium
- 14,000 parking spaces
- Soon over 160 places to eat
- Being the cause of huge traffic jams

BurjDubai_0904.jpg BurjDubai_0906.jpg BurjDubai_0907.jpg
sss The 22nd steel floor is on the rise. The top of it is at 726.5 meters, while the top of the pinnacle is still at around 730 meters. The Dubai Mall has officially opened its gates, Dennis was there to take some photos. New photos of Burj Dubai were taken by Robertaas, Old Town Resident, tThye, 234sale and Dennis.

BurjDubai_0403.jpg Dubai Mall ice rink Dubai Mall aquarium
sss Photos of Burj Dubai by Dennis were taken today from different spots: at the construction site, from the SZR and from behind The Index tower. There are also new photos by tThye and Peter Bäcker.

Burj-Tower-2705.jpg Burj-Tower-3103.jpg Burj-Tower-3102.jpg
sss Dubai Mall's launch is delayed until next week and won't open on October 30. due to some final touches that needs to be done. Dubai Mall will open along with Dubai Aquarium, Discovery Centre, Dubai Ice Rink and The Gold Souk.
8 new Burj Dubai photos were taken by tThye, 234sale and AltinD.
Dubai Mall
sss Emaar has decided on the name of the largest fountain which will decorate the mighty Burj Dubai on Burj Dubai Lake in Downtown Burj Dubai. The winning name is "Dubai Fountain", not very creative but beauty lies in simplicity.
Florian has sent us an Aktive article about Burj Dubai, should be interesting for the German speaking visitors:
Burj Dubai article in German
Craig Wright has shared two of his excellent photos of Burj Dubai which were taken in June. New construction photos by Old Town Resident, Dennis, Smussuw and tThye.
Burj Dubai by Craig Burj Dubai by Craig 2. Burj Dubai Tower by Dennis
sss World's tallest book
After the completion of Burj Dubai a copy of 'Burj Dubai Opus' will be placed in the lobby. The book will be 4,5 meters tall, making it the tallest in the world. There will also be a collectors edition copy and a limited version which will be put up for sale, and a few will be auctioned for charity.
Tonight they were testing a spectacular lightshow on Burj Dubai, Old Town Resident has shared his photos of it. New photos also by AltinD, Dennis and Imre.
Burj Dubai Opus Burj-Tower-1968.jpg Burj-Tower-2103.jpg

sss The pinnacle is now above the top of tier 22 by some 10 meters, which means Burj Dubai is ~730 meters high.
New photos by Dubai Boy taken from the Sheikh Zayed Road and by Dennis taken from the Festival City also two photos by 234sale.

Burj-Tower-1701.jpg Burj-Tower-1801.jpg Burj-Tower-1807.jpg

sss Ten new construction photos by Dennis and one by Syedaouf of a Lamborghini with Burj Dubai in the background.
New Youtube videos that are worth to watch:
Burj Dubai Progress on Oct. 9
Burj Dubai from SZR on the same day
Emirates Towers and Burj Dubai from a parking lot

Burj-Tower-1501.jpg Burj-Tower-1503.jpg Burj-Tower-1505.jpg

sss The part of spire photographed by Old Town Resident on the ground is now in place. New photos by Dennis and OTR of Burj Dubai and the finished Address Tower.
New Tier 22 top section plan and Level 156 to section 22B plan comparison by Ray Fleury on the Facts page.
Renders of the Nakheel Harbour Tower now have their own page, HERE.

The Address Hotel Tower Burj-Tower-1002.jpg Burj-Tower-1201.jpg

sss The new steel floor is already rising (section 22B), Burj Dubai is 720.1 meters tall. Dennis took some photos from the newly opened Address Hotel. 22 new photos in total, including 2 from the Cityscape Dubai real estate exhibition by OTR showing the new Burj Dubai model.
Fresh Youtube videos:
Nakheel Harbour Tower, the 1000+ meters tall skyscraper by Nakheel
Sheikh Zayed Road driving
Magnificent Burj Dubai Skyscraper

Burj-Tower-0702.jpg Burj-Tower-0705.jpg Burj-Tower-0706.jpg
sss Nakheel's 1000+ m tower has been finally revealed. Nakheel Tower (or previously known as Tall Tower / Al Burj) will have over 200 storeys, 150 lifts, 500,000m3 of concrete and will be definitely over 1km in height. Burj Dubai is going to hold the world's tallest title for at least another 10 years, as the construction of the Tall Tower will take minimum 10 years. Below you can see an official rendering by Nakheel, and our comparison diagram with Burj Dubai.
16 new photos of Burj Dubai by Dennis and OTR.
Tall Tower and Burj Dubai Tall Tower by Nakheel
sss The Address (or also knows as Burj Dubai Lake Hotel) has officially opened its doors to the public with 196 rooms and suites. The hotel is 306 meters tall, making it the second tallest tower in Downtown Burj Dubai.
Old Town Resident has spent 2 hours in custody for trespassing on the Burj Dubai property, to take some photos of a part of the spire. He has also taken photos of the tower itself, where the Emaar logo is back, and of the fountain and one from the 63rd (top!) floor of the newly opened Address hotel. Dennis also contributed with his daily dose, plus 3 pictures by 234sale, a moderator of

September Photo Gallery / October Photo Gallery / Short by nice video by Johnny
Address Hotel and Burj Dubai tower

sss The process of dismantling tower crane #2 on the top has started 3 days ago, and the cabin is now removed. Pics of the decomission by Old Town Resident. New steel level on the way (section 22A), height increased to 713.7 meters. The latest photos were taken by Dennis this morning and by OTR a few hours ago.
Burj_Dubai_2701.jpg Burj_Dubai_2801.jpg Burj_Dubai_2804.jpg
Check the enormous shadow of Burj Dubai on this satellite photo by Digital Globe (September 17, 2008). Thanks to Hollie Maea for helping me.
Burj Dubai Satellite photo
sss Two new photos by Dennis taken yesterday and another 5 taken today, showing his artistic skills. There are also new photos by Old Town Resident and Smussuw:
Sept. Gallery
David Hobcote shared a few more of his heli trip pictures which are showing the top of Burj Dubai:

burj_dubai_1011.jpg burj_dubai_1012.jpg burj_dubai_1013.jpg burj_dubai_1014.jpg Burj_Dubai_2502.jpg Burj_Dubai_2509.jpg
sss The Cityscape in Dubai, which takes place from October 6. to October 10., will feature Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill's latest visions, like the 2.4 kilometres tall Dubai City Tower or the more sober vision, the Atrium City Towers. This tower if built, will be taller than Burj Dubai, highest tower at 850 meters and 201 floors. New photos by Dennis and 234sale.
Atrium City Towers Dubai Burj_Dubai_2002.jpg Burj_Dubai_2201.jpg Burj_Dubai_2202.jpg
sss The biggest building on earth became just another 6.4 meters taller with the start of the new steel floor. Burj Dubai is 707.3 meters tall skyscraper now. Angus MacFarlane, the technical Director of Hyder Consulting said that last week's 4.8 magnitude earthquake has only moved the spire of Burj Dubai by 0,1 meters. The UAE is considered to be a Zone 2A by an American standard with Zone 4 being the most endangered and Zone 1 the least. 4 new pics by Dennis.

Burj_Dubai_2101.jpg Burj_Dubai_2102.jpg Burj_Dubai_1801.jpg
sss Just 6 days later Section 21B nearing completion. Fury has made a new explanation for Tier 21 which you can view on the Facts page. 9 new photos by Dennis of Burj Dubai, including a night shot.

Burj Dubai 700.9 meters tall Burj Dubai at night Burj_Dubai_1501.jpg
sss The first beam of the next steel floor is finally in place, so we can repeat what we stated a couple of days earlier: Burj Dubai is the first structure ever in human history to hit over 700 meters, to be exact it currently stands at 700.9 meters.
A small, 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck southern Iran, and it could be felt in Dubai as well, where it reached 4.8 Richter magnitude scale. Luckily there is no damage reported on Burj Dubai.
New photos by Dennis.
Burj_Dubai_1105.jpg Burj_Dubai_1103.jpg Burj_Dubai_1104.jpg

sss Judging by Old Town Resident's close-up photos, it is not the first beam that we've seen, but pulley wheels. Next level is still expected within days. 3 new photos by Dennis Segeren, and 2 by OTR below.

Burj_Dubai_0701.jpg Burj_Dubai_0702.jpg Burj_Dubai_0703.jpg Burj_Dubai_0704.jpg Burj_Dubai_0705.jpg

sss New photos of Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, 3 by Old Town Resident, and 27 by Imre Solt. New Youtube videos of Burj Dubai:

Driving past the tower (SZR)
Amazing video of Landing in Dubai International Airport (DBX)
"Oh my God" (SZR - turn your head 90°)

Burj_Dubai_0403.jpg Burj_Dubai_0505.jpg Burj_Dubai_0508.jpg
sss An Armani Hotel apartment on the 13th floor of Burj Dubai is for sale by owner, to see the details, click HERE.
The current steel floor is nearing completion, just 8 days after they've started working on it. 3 new photos by Dennis and 2 by Old Town Resident, including a close-up of the top, which shows that we can expect a new floor starting very soon.
Burj_Dubai_0402.jpg Burj_Dubai_0305.jpg Burj_Dubai_0403.jpg
sss Some nice new shots of Burj Dubai by Dennis Segeren, these were taken today in the morning. The tower is scheduled to complete in September 2009, although some say it might be delayed until 2010, as opposed to the original plan of December 2008.

Burj_Dubai_0301.jpg Burj_Dubai_0302.jpg Burj_Dubai_0303.jpg
sss The developer of Burj Dubai, Emaar Properties, claims that their tower reached the height of "over 688 meters", however we know that the first beams of the next steel level are up, setting the height of 694.5 m. Take a look at Dennis Segeren's photo which was taken today, and the explanation below.
Martin Laštovka has created the Burj Dubai model for the popular shooting game, Doom. Check his gallery HERE.

Burj Dubai tower's top, Section 21A Burj Dubai in Doom Burj Dubai's height as of 2008 September 1.
sss Burj Dubai will require $225 million worth of glass for glass plates for its facade and $612 million worth of glass for the interiors. Taiwanese glass manufacturers have teamed up to try and win the contract to supply glass for this project.
There are two new photos by Dennis Segeren taken today in the morning and 113 photos in Imre's latest Gallery of Burj Dubai and the BDLH.

burj_dubai_3101.jpg burj_dubai_2931.jpg burj_dubai_2979.jpg

sss According to AltinD the first beam of the next steel floor is up, Burj Dubai became 694.5 metres tall. The next level will hit the magic 700 meters height, which was never seen in history. New photos by Scoot68 and Imre.
The 52 kilometer long part of the Dubai Metro that stretches between Al Rashidiya and Jebel Ali, the so called Red Line viaduct has been completed. The most important stations are Burj Dubai, Internet City and Jebel Ali among others. The next job will be to lay the track and fit out the stations. The Dubai Metro is the most important transportation improvement for both Dubai and the Burj Dubai.
Dubai Metro under construction burj_dubai_2101.jpg burj_dubai_2202.jpg burj_dubai_2206.jpg
sss 47 new construction photos of Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel taken in the last 2 days by Imre Solt.

burj_dubai_1809.jpg burj_dubai_1808.jpg burj_dubai_1811.jpg burj_dubai_1816.jpg burj_dubai_1814.jpg burj_dubai_1907.jpg
sss An electrical transformer has exploded on the site of Burj Dubai which caused fire and plumes of smoke in the area. The work on Burj Dubai has been halted for a day. Emaar has not yet published an official statement about the case.

5 new photos by Old Town Resident.
burj_dubai_1501.jpg burj_dubai_1402.jpg burj_dubai_1404.jpg

sss David Hobcote shared another 8 excellent quality photos of his collection of Burj Dubai, plus as a bonus an amazing photo of the elevators of the Emirates Towers (see below). Burj Dubai has reached the 16th steel level, it is now 688.1 meters tall. 9 new construction photos by Old Town Resident.
Emirates Towers elevators burj_dubai_1003.jpg burj_dubai_1006.jpg burj_dubai_1009.jpg

sss 8 new construction photos by AltinD of Burj Dubai, and two more breathtaking aerial shots by David Hobcote, taken with a Canon EOS 1Ds camera.
Demolition of the Palast der Republik in Berlin resulted in 25,000 tonnes of used steel that has been recycled, and it will be partly used for the construction of Burj Dubai.
Palast der Republik Berlin, Germany Burj Dubai aerial by David Habcote Burj Dubai Tower Burj Dubai Skyscraper
sss 256 new photos by Imre, 9 by Old Town Resident and 2 amazing aerial photos by David - August Gallery. A new video is also available by Imre, taken from the Sheikh Zayed Road. New picture to plan comparison by Fury as well as updated plans, which grew to 12 pages, you can see them on the Facts page.
burj_dubai_0202.jpg burj_dubai_07032.jpg burj_dubai_07104.jpg
sss Old Town Resident bought a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 450D model, which means brilliant photo quality of Burj Dubai. See them yourself below:

BurjJuly2904.jpg BurjJuly2905.jpg BurjJuly2906.jpg BurjJuly2907.jpg BurjJuly2908.jpg BurjJuly2909.jpg
sss 7 new photos of Burj Dubai by Old Town Resident. Cladding work on the steel section seems to have started. If you'd like to see SOM's tallest buildings comparison chart, click HERE (PDF file).

BurjJuly2802.jpg BurjJuly2803.jpg BurjJuly2901.jpg
sss The $164mn double deck road, which is the first of this kind in the region is set to complete in the next months. The Financial Center Road Project will help to ease the congestion going to Burj Dubai and Dubai Mall.
First columns of 15th level are now up, the new record height of Burj Dubai is 681.7 meters. One new photo by Old Town Resident that shows the 15th steel floor under construction.
Double deck road
sss It has been a year since Burj Dubai became the world's tallest tower (although officially it will only be once it's finished) surpassing Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan. In this one year Burj Dubai has grown 165 meters and there are 143 meters left until the top out celebration. There are 33 new photos by Imre taken in the last two days.
BurjJuly2121.jpg BurjJuly2113.jpg BurjJuly2132.jpg
sss More new photos by Imre and Old Town Resident.
BurjJuly1812.jpg BurjJuly1815.jpg BurjJuly1820.jpg BurjJuly1803.jpg BurjJuly1823.jpg BurjJuly2101.jpg
sss Big construction photo update by Imre Solt. There are 113 new photos of the Old Town, the Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and the soon to be world's largest mall, the Dubai Mall.
BurjJuly16078.jpg BurjJuly16033.jpg BurjJuly16055.jpg
sss Burj Dubai has been progressing rapidly in the last weeks, it took just 10 days for the 13th steel floor to finish and 14th is under construction making the tower 675.3 m tall. 9 new photos by Old Town Resident.
Burj Dubai videos:
Burj Dubai from the SZR
The tower from the Old Town
Visit to the Burj by Rakeeb and Abdull Kannookkaran
BurjJuly1601.jpg BurjJuly1603.jpg BurjJuly1604.jpg
sss Five new construction photos of Burj Dubai by Old Town Resident, including one of glazing of the front entrance. The photos can be viewed in the July Gallery. The 13th level steel floor is under construction, the tower is now 668.9 meters tall.
New videos on Youtube:
Video by architecture students
Burj Dubai from the SZR
Old Town + Caffee + Burj Dubai
Aerial video
BurjJuly0702.jpg BurjJuly0705.jpg BurjJuly0704.jpg
sss Finally no sand storms in Dubai, and Imre was able to make a massive update which resulted in 138 new photos, that can be seen HERE.

burj062707.jpg burj062726.jpg burj062727.jpg
sss 73 new photos of Burj Dubai and the Lake Hotel by Imre and 9 photos by Old Town Resident. A new render has been published by Emaar which can be seen below (click to enlarge).
Burj Tower Top BDLH
sss Dequal's June video has been released, same excellent quality with Haifa Wehbe singing in the background. New construction photos by Old Town Resident and AltinD. Alexx has shared his work which shows the height and number of floors in relation with the elapsed days. (PNG graph / PDF timeline). If you liked Pierre's work (Burj Dubai Evolution), then take a look at his first Burj Dubai video on Youtube.
burj062104.jpg burj062202.jpg burj062301.jpg
sss AltinD took 3 new photos of the tower today in the sand storm and there are 12 older photos by OTR. Nakheel's Al Burj has been resized again to 1,400 meters and renamed to Tall Tower. The giant tower is going to get built in the Jebel Ali area as the centerpiece of Ibn Battuta Mall close to the Jumeirah Lake Towers and the Jumeirah Islands. There is no rendering of the Tall Tower yet, but take a look at the comparison diagram below. Watch THIS spectacular work by Pierre Forgeat that shows the construction stages of Burj Dubai accompanied by some renders and construction photos, and a comparison with the Eiffel Tower in the end, great stuff.
The Tall Tower and Burj Dubai burj062101.jpg
sss 52 new photos by Imre of the Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. Emaar is going to build the largest fountain in the world for this project. It is planned to be 275 meters long and it will shoot the water up to 150 meters. The cladding work is going nicely, and should be finished within a bit more than 4 months. Watch a short video about Burj Dubai that shows the construction since 2005 until now, by F.I - Youtube.
burj061344.jpg burj061350.jpg burj061318.jpg
sss The construction speed of Burj Dubai is greatly affected by the weather conditions of the last few weeks. The high winds make the construction slower and more dangerous at those heights. 61 more photos have been added that were taken by Imre.
Burj Mansion
sss Burj Dubai is late by 9 months. According to Mohammed Alabbar, chairman of Emaar, Burj Dubai will not be completed until August or September 2009. They are aiming for perfection: "With a project like this you have to get it absolutely right," Alabbar said. Nine new photos by Imre and Old Town Resident.
burj060801.jpg burj060807.jpg burj060808.jpg
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