Burj Dubai News 11.
sss Progress of Burj Dubai in the second half of 2006:
Burj Dubai construction
sss Couple more photos of the Cityscape Exhibition and 52 new photos of the construction of Burj Dubai by Imre, taken from various angles. Including photos with Burj al-Arab and Burj Dubai together, and the construction of the lake.
burj-dubai-model-cityscape-7.jpg burj-dubai-model-cityscape-6.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-14-09.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-14-22.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-14-26.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-14-47.jpg
sss Burj Dubai diagram showing the design history with the most important stages. From the right to the left for the most recent:
Burj Dubai - Design History
sss Burj at night:
sss Burj Dubai tower on a foggy day:
sss Current Dubai skyline, with the domination of Burj Dubai:
Dubai skyline
sss A higher quality version of the new Burj Dubai complex render, and two new photos of the Cityscape Exhibition by AltinD:
burj-dubai.jpg burj-dubai-model-cityscape-3.jpg burj-dubai-model-cityscape-4.jpg
sss Burj Dubai apartment plans and initial prices HERE
sss Another 8 photos by Halawala and AltinD of the complex (Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, Burj Dubai Residences)
burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-13.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-10.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-12.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-09.jpg
sss New photos by Halawala, you can see the current facade testing on the photos:
burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-02.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-06-04.jpg
sss The latest model of Burj Dubai at the Cityscape Exhibition:
burj-dubai-model-cityscape-1.jpg burj-dubai-model-cityscape-2.jpg
sss Recently two online tv's have featured Burj Dubai Skyscraper in their show:
1. Rocketboom - A short video of the current and future tallest buildings
2. InterneoX - Dec. 1 - Various websites were shown, direct download link (Spanish)
sss One photo of Burj Dubai Lake Hotel (going to be 306m tall, 60 storeys):
sss 9 new photos by AltinD, the tower is at lvl 90
burj-dubai-tower-dec-03-05.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-03-08.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-03-09.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-03-02.jpg
sss A new Burj Dubai render, and all the rest is here
sss Large rendering of the facade, the small photo shows the the latest facade test and the future facade of Burj Dubai, comparison:
Burj Dubai facade
sss Webcam captures of Burj Dubai, and Burj together with Emirates Towers:
burj-dubai-tower-dec-01-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-01-02.jpg
sss Download a Burj Dubai presentation file (PPS), which was made in 2005. October. The presentation includes unseen renders and information. It shows Burj Dubai's final height at 808m, which could have been changed since then, as the presentation is relatively old. The presentation includes: Models, Project brief, Figures and quantities, Structural overview, Sequence of work, Cranage and hoisting, Concrete placement, Survery and monitoring, Spire erection, Photographs. Preview:
burj dubai burj dubai burj dubai burj dubai burj dubai
sss Dubai aerial photos, 1973 - 2006. You can see the radical changes that Dubai went through in the recent years:
Dubai aerials from 1973 to 2006
sss 3 new photos by Omaro:
burj-dubai-tower-nov-25-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-25-02.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-25-03.jpg
sss Al Abbar Glass and Trading Company that has been awarded the construction of the cladding on the podium (until level 5), pool annex, entry pavilions and office annex building will soon start their work on the site. Renderings:
Cladding Cladding More information and renderings
sss Facade test is scheduled on Friday, if it is going to be successful the cladding could be on site next week. Due to the cladding delay Burj Dubai can miss the planned completion date. Read more
sss I have made a quick sketch of the construction status, that shows the latest render and a photo from Nov. 12 to determine the height. From this picture Burj Dubai could reach the rumored 916m final height.
Burj Dubai 916m
sss A few more photos by AltinD from yesterday
burj-dubai-tower-nov-19-04.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-19-06.jpg
sss A full body photo of the tower, and a photo of the sign indicating that Burj Dubai is currently 86 storeys high. Burj Dubai has passed the 300m landmark and is officially a Supertall.
burj-dubai-tower-nov-19-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-19-02.jpg
sss Two photos from yesterday by Omaro:
burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-05.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-06.jpg
sss 4 fantastic photos by Kerry:
burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-02.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-03.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-17-04.jpg
sss MEVA Formwork press on Burj Dubai - Construction data, studies, cladding details and photos, click HERE to see more.

Burj Dubai Formwork burj dubai burj dubai Burj Dubai Cladding
sss A new Dubai skyline render by Malec:
Dubai - Burj Dubai - Skyline Render
sss A photo of the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, and a new high quality render of the Mubarak Tower, which is part of the Silk City in Kuwait and might reach the height of 1001m:
burj-dubai-lake-hotel-nov-12.jpg Mubarak Tower
sss 9 new quality photos by AltinD
burj-dubai-tower-nov-12-03.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-12-06.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-12-09.jpg
sss Burj Dubai sectional diagram:
sss 3 photos by Omaro
burj-dubai-tower-nov-09-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-09-03.jpg
sss 12 new construction photos, Burj Dubai is at lvl 82. No cladding yet.
burj-dubai-tower-nov-07-04.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-07-07.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-07-11.jpg
sss Burj Dubai from Sheikh Zayed Road:
burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-32.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-33.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-34.jpg
sss 31 new photos by Imre. There is a new facade test on Burj Dubai, the sign indicates that Burj Dubai is 81 storeys high.
burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-08.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-15.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-30.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-06-29.jpg
sss An interior construction firm -that doesn't want to be named- has revealed a few details about the construction of Burj Dubai. Their work on the skyscraper is scheduled for August 2008, and they are going to have 300 days to finish it. Burj Dubai will be finished by the end of 2009 due to the failed first facade testing. The construction of the tower is going to slow down after they reach the height of 400-450 meters, as it will take much more time to bring the materials to that altitude.
sss According to Alaqariya TV, Burj Dubai is at 82 storeys, and it is going to be the tallest tower in Dubai by 2007. Jan. 15.
sss Current top part of the tower, spot the worker:
burj top
sss First constuction photo update in November, 17 new photos of Burj Dubai site:
burj-dubai-tower-nov-03-05.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-03-10.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-03-06.jpg burj-dubai-tower-nov-03-16.jpg
The rest of the photos can be found in Photos/2006/November
sss A recent article by Ameinfo claimed Burj Dubai to be 277m tall. With the help of Imre, Culwulla and Tom Green, we got to this conclusion; on October 20. Burj Dubai was ~284m tall, this is compared to the Millenium Tower that is being constructed close to Burj Dubai -and is going to be finished by 2007. Burj Dubai is currently at 80 storeys and 296m. Click on the image to see the details:
burj and millenium
sss 9 new construction photos taken on the last day of October, Imre took photos of Burj Dubai from various places:
burj-dubai-october-31-02.jpg burj-dubai-october-31-07.jpg burj-dubai-october-31-08.jpg
sss 3 photos from tonight:
sss A few nice photos from today by AltinD, plus a night shot by Imre:
burj-dubai-october-29-01.jpg burj-dubai-october-29-06.jpg burj-dubai-october-29-08.jpg

sss Small Burj Dubai Lake Hotel update:
burj-dubai-lake-hotel-7.jpg burj-dubai-lake-hotel-8.jpg

sss 14 new construction photos by Imre. Burj Dubai is 77 storeys tall, and is about to break a new landmark of 300m:
burj-dubai-october-27-11.jpg burj-dubai-october-27-12.jpg burj-dubai-october-27-05.jpg

sss The cladding is scheduled to commence on November 6th. New photo updates to come on Friday as usual, until then you can sign up to our new forum:
Burj Dubai Skyscraper forum (you can also click on it in the menu)

sss Slightly modified photo, my personal favourite from Imre, could be used as a desktop background:
Burj Dubai
sss A massive 31 photo update by Imre, photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Residences, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and the lake. The second part of the photos were taken at the camel race track in Nad Al Sheba
.nad al sheba
burj-dubai-october-20-22.jpg burj-dubai-october-20-30.jpg burj-dubai-october-20-24.jpg burj-dubai-october-20-13.jpg burj-dubai-october-20-07.jpg burj-dubai-october-20-03.jpg
sss 16 High quality photos were taken by Imre today, a few samples below. They have started the preparations for the lake, and Burj Dubai is soon going to hit the 300m mark.
burj-dubai-october-18-05.jpg burj-dubai-october-18-06.jpg burj-dubai-october-18-03.jpg burj-dubai-october-18-07.jpg burj-dubai-october-18-11.jpg
sss A short video (1:40m) showing the making of the Burj Dubai giant model with modern laser technology. "Peter McCann Architectural Models Inc. used the Trotec large format laser to build the scale model of the worlds largest building: The Burj Dubai."
sss A new photo by Omaro:
sss An sms from Burj Dubai; a Real Estate company started to advertise Burj Dubai apartments in sms:
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