Burj Dubai News 6.
sss Rainy day in Dubai:
The Emirates Road had to be closed and the rain has filled the Burj Dubai lake. There are 31 new photos taken of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel by Imre, and 10 more of SZR (including Burj) by Omaro.
Burj_Dubai011605.jpg Burj_Dubai011616.jpg Burj_Dubai011622.jpg
sss 5 new early morning photos by Omaro. Burj Dubai can hardly be seen through the fog.
Burj_Dubai011501.jpg Burj_Dubai011502.jpg Burj_Dubai011505.jpg
sss 3 official pictures by Nakheel of the construction of The World, with Burj Dubai in the background. 12 new photos by Omaro including Burj al-Arab and Burj Dubai in the same frame.
Burj_Dubai010906.jpg Burj_Dubai011301.jpg Burj_Dubai011309.jpg
sss One new photo by Scoot68 of the skyline of Sheikh Zayed Road, 2 of Burj Dubai by Old Town Resident, and 3 more photos by Imre, taken from Sharjah (third largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates), where Burj Dubai can still be seen.
Burj_Dubai011101.jpg Burj_Dubai011106.jpg Burj_Dubai011104.jpg
sss There are 7 new photos by Old Town Resident taken yesterday and today, and 38 photos by Imre taken today at the site, from Al Satwa and the Sheikh Zayed Road. Two new Burj Dubai advertisements have appeared on the streets of Dubai. The construction team is now working on the second level of the steel structure.
Burj_Dubai011001.jpg Burj_Dubai011007.jpg Burj_Dubai011029.jpg
sss 7 new artistic photos of Burj Dubai, taken by Omaro just 2 hours ago.
Burj_Dubai010805.jpg Burj_Dubai010802.jpg Burj_Dubai010804.jpg
sss Old Town Resident took 4 photos of Burj Dubai from the roofs and passages of the Old Town Island.
Burj_Dubai010404.jpg Burj_Dubai010401.jpg Burj_Dubai010402.jpg
sss Imre went to the Old Town and the Old Town Island today to take 35 new photos of Burj Dubai. The tower has reached 598.5 meters and 158 floors according to Emaar, the developer. Just 30 meters to go to become the world's tallest structure, ahead of the 628.8m tall KVLY-TV Mast in North Dakota, United States.
Burj_Dubai010310.jpg Burj_Dubai010315.jpg Burj_Dubai010316.jpg
sss 9 new photos of Burj Dubai, this time by Old Town Resident. Samples:
Burj_Dubai010201.jpg Burj_Dubai010203.jpg Burj_Dubai010202.jpg
sss The first photos of 2008 are now online and can be viewed HERE. These 27 new photos have been taken by Imre.
Burj_Dubai010127.jpg Burj_Dubai010112.jpg Burj_Dubai010105.jpg
sss Happy New Year !
The Forum is now back up and working well. Feel free to share and discuss your thoughts about high-rise in Dubai and skyscrapers from all around the world, especially about the Burj Dubai project. 3 new photos by Old Town Resident of Burj Dubai, and 2 by Imre showing an advertisement where Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Khalifa are posing with the tower.
Burj Dubai Tower Burj_Dubai-123103.jpg Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Khalifa with Burj Dubai Burj Dubai 2008 - Happy New Year!

sss 33 new photos by Mohamed, AltinD, Old Town Resident and Imre. As opposed to our claim two days ago the mechanical floor is not being cladded yet, but the 16th floor of the Armani Residences is, and also the podium. They have started constructing the entrance.
Burj_Dubai-122829.jpg Burj_Dubai-123008.jpg Burj_Dubai-123032.jpg .
sss The cladding of the mechanical floor on the 17th,18th levels have begun. 28 new photos of Burj Dubai taken today by Imre. The photos were taken at the site, from the DIFC and from the SZR.
Burj_Dubai-122803.jpg Burj_Dubai-122809.jpg Burj_Dubai-122818.jpg
sss Two new Burj Dubai photos by Imre taken today and a slightly older one by Al Nakheel Properties that was taken from The World Islands.
Burj Dubai as seen from The World Islands Burj_Dubai-122601.jpg Burj_Dubai-122602.jpg
sss Imre went to the famous luxury hotel, Burj al-Arab, which was the first 7 star hotel in the world. The new photos of Burj Dubai were taken from the Al Muntaha Restaurant which is located 200 meters above the Persian Gulf. The distance between the Burj al-Arab and the Burj Dubai is approximately 11 kilometers.
Burj Dubai from far Al Muntaha Restaurant in Burj al-Arab Rolls Royce and Mercedes S Klasses
sss Christmas gift from Imre to our readers. 25 photos of Burj Dubai taken from his favorite places: Nad Al Sheba, Nad Al Sheba bridge, SZR - MOE Interchange, and the Burj Dubai Boulevard.
Burj_Dubai-122403.jpg Burj_Dubai-122408.jpg Burj_Dubai-122418.jpg
sss The Burj Dubai Lake Hotel page is now up-to-date with new photos. AltinD took 7 photos of Burj Dubai yesterday and Imre took 24 today, which were taken at the construction site and from Al Satwa.
Burj_Dubai-122201.jpg Burj_Dubai-122315.jpg Burj_Dubai-122312.jpg
sss One of the largest newspapers in Panama, La Prensa, released an article about the Burj Dubai. It should be an interesting read for our Spanish speaking visitors, click HERE if you are interested. 11 new crystal clear shots of Burj Dubai by Old Town Resident, and a short video by Imre that can be viewed HERE.
Burj_Dubai-122102.jpg Burj_Dubai-122103.jpg Burj_Dubai-122107.jpg
sss Imre has taken 55 new photos of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel today. The photos were taken from many different places: at the Burj Dubai site, from the Umm Suqeim Street (close to the Madinat Jumeirah), from the Business Bay (Tiara Towers plot, Symphony, Binary plot, The Pad plot, Moon Tower plot, Michael Schumacher Business Avenue plot, Burj Al Alam plot, Al Naboodah storage plot, The Opus plot), and from the Al Khail Road.
Mosque and the Burj Dubai Burj_Dubai-122043.jpg Burj Dubai Lake Hotel
sss The work on Burj Dubai tower goes still on while the Muslim holiday, Eid lasts. Old Town Resident has taken 12 new high quality photos today including 7 night shots.
The top of the tower Night shot from the Old Town Reflective claddings
sss A few more photos taken yesterday of Burj Dubai have been added to this years last gallery: December. Imre took these photos from the Madinat Jumeirah, the Mall of the Emirates, the Floating Bridge and from the Sheikh Zayed Road. Below are samples that shows the current progress of the steel section on the top of the tower.
Burj_Dubai-121501.jpg Burj_Dubai-121502.jpg
sss New update by Imre: 34 photos including 12 of the top part, 7 of the claddings, 9 of each sides, 3 with Imre's favourite Teddy bear and 3 photos of the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel.
Burj Dubai and Imre's Teddy bear Rising high Burj Dubai Lake Hotel
sss 6 new photos by Old Town Resident, they have started cladding above the 3rd mechanical floor. Samsung has officially opened their website about Burj Dubai. Samsung is the main contractor of the building. There are two new artistic renders on their website and you can find an interestin, plus photos and news.
Click to visit it.
Render of Burj Dubai by Samsung 2 cladding
sss 9 new photos by AltinD from yesterday and 36 photos by Imre taken today of Burj Dubai, the Old Town and the BDLH at the construction site, from the Old Town and the Old Town Island. Samples:
top of the Burj Burj Dubai from the Old Town BDLH
sss 4 new shots today of Burj Dubai taken by Imre from the Nad al Sheba.
Burj_Dubai-120802.jpg Burj_Dubai-120804.jpg
sss 4 new construction photos of Burj Dubai by AltinD (taken on Dec. 1), and one by Imre taken today from the Business Bay plot. New documents by Ray Fleury on the facts page. Including level comparisons and The Tier Methodology of the Burj Dubai doc.
sss One new photo by Mr. Huszlicska taken on the National Day from the SZR and 5 new photos of the view (on Burj Dubai and the Old Town) from the recently opened Souk Al Bahar (Arabesque shopping mall) by Old Town Resident.
Souk al Bahar and Burj Dubai Burj from the SZR View on the Burj from the Souk Al Bahar View on the Old Town
sss Today is the National Day of the United Arab Emirates. There are 68 new photos taken by Imre of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, The Lofts, 8 Boulevard Walk, The Oldtown, The Palace Hotel, Al Sufouh Road, Jumeirah Road, Open Beach next to Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi, Palm Strips and the Union House.
UAE National Day Burj Dubai tower Burj Dubai sign
sss New photos (38) of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and Dubai Mall Hotel taken from various places from the EPCO petrol station (SZR), from the Emirates Park Towers plot, from the Sheikh Zayed Road, from the bridge, near Nad Al Sheba) by Imre Solt on a beautiful sunny day.
The tower and the teddy bear Burj Dubai from the Nad Al Sheba Dubai Mall Hotel
sss Inside of Burj Dubai:
Imre got permission to enter the Burj Dubai tower and to take 119 (!) photos and one video including: photos from the 20th, 43rd, 51st and 76th floor, a sample apartment, inside the elevator, the Safety Award Ceremony and much more. Take a look at the photos HERE.
imre_in_burj_dubai020.jpg imre_in_burj_dubai039.jpg imre_in_burj_dubai077.jpg
sss There are 8 new high quality photos of Burj Dubai and the BDLH in the November's gallery, taken by AltinD on the 17th. New construction progress timeline (May 24th to November 23rd - photos by Old Town Resident):
Construction progress on Burj Dubai (May 24. - November 23.) (HQ version in the photos section)
Full Burj Dubai Top BDLH
sss The DEPA Dubai LLC workers have arrived to the site and are starting their work on the interior design. There are 38 new photos of the U/C Burj Dubai and the metro that will go infront of it. The photos were taken at the construction site and from the Signature Towers plot.
Depa workers at the site Dubai metro Rising high
sss 26 new photos of Burj Dubai taken on a clear November day (18th - credits to Imre and Old Town Resident). has published an article about Burj Dubai, you can read it by clicking HERE.
burj_dubai-skyscraper1815.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper1811.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper1819.jpg
sss Burj Dubai construction site is becoming the new tourist attraction of Dubai. A busload of Asian holidaymakers went there today to take photos of the tallest freestanding structure in human history. There are 53 new photos of the Burj tower, BDLH and the Old Town by Imre and Old Town Resident.
Asian tourists taking photos of Burj Dubai tower in Dubai The tower Old Town
sss 14 new photos of Burj Dubai and the Dubai Metro by Imre, and two photos of the Old Town Island by Old Town Resident. Preview:
Burj Dubai Tower Burj Dubai glass Old Town Island
sss Imre went on a photo trip with Eddie from Canada, you can view the outcome of the shooting HERE. There are new photos of Burj Dubai and BDLH taken from SZR, Nad Al Sheba and from the Business Bay Crossing (Al Khor Bridge). A new crane has been positioned on Level ~99 which signals the start of the top crane dismantling process. We can expect the formwork to be removed over the next few days, in addition to one crane being lowered to ground level, and the other repositioned for the steelwork - Old Town Resident.
burj_dubai-skyscraper1102.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper1122.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper1132.jpg
sss According to Old Town Resident, who was at the construction site today, the concrete placing boom has been removed. This could mean that the concrete work is finished. There are also 13 new photos taken by him (including a photo of the new part of the artificial lake).
burj_dubai-skyscraper0910.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper0906.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper0901.jpg
sss The concrete pumping still continues on Burj Dubai. A new board at the site is comparing the height of Burj Dubai and the 355m tall Emirates Tower (which is at the same height as the 102nd floor of Burj). DEPA Dubai LLC interior contracting company is at the construction site, they are responsible for the 899 serviced and residential apartments, as well as their corridors, lift lobbies and the amenities levels. New wallpaper (credits to AltTab / Dubai Steve). 59 new construction photos by Imre (Burj Dubai, BDLH, Old Town, South Ridge, Burj Views).
Wallpaper (photo taken from the Palm Jumeirah island) burj_dubai-skyscraper0805.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper0808.jpg burj_dubai-skyscraper0819.jpg
sss 2 new photos of Burj Dubai taken from the Goldcrest Views roof (Jumeirah Lakes Towers) , distance is approximately 18-19 km from the tower. A new gallery shows the view from the 135th floor of Burj Dubai (taken ~ 2 weeks ago)..
135th floor view on Sheikh Zayed Road burj_dubai-skyscraper0602.jpg
sss Emaar Yearbook 2007 (click to view the photos): 5 professional photographs by Toufic Araman of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel.
Burj Dubai aerial
sss First update of November: 24 new construction photos by Imre and 10 by Old Town Resident. The plans and analysis of Burj Dubai by Ray Fleury (Fury) have been updated on the facts page, 11 new pages of information.
Al Burj (1050m), the main competitor of Burj Dubai is undergoing a soil testing at the construction site. Click on Al Burj to view the photos. Samples from the November gallery:
Burj Dubai and a camel top of the tower windows
sss Photo update: 37 new photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, the underground tunnel, direct cooling building and the DEWA building. These were taken from various places: at the site, close to the Jumeirah Road, Al Wasl Road , Emarat Petrol Station and from Al Shabiyya. At the construction site there are now 6378 employees working. The roadside ad on Sheikh Zayed Road indicates that Burj Dubai now has 157 floors. This might mean that the rumour about the extended concrete part is true (Greg Sang, the Project Manager for EMAAR said that the concrete topping is not done yet). It can mean 159-165 concrete floors.
burj-dubai-area3121.jpg burj-dubai-area3130.jpg burj-dubai-area3124.jpg
sss Emirates Today Online claims that Burj Dubai is going to be 818m tall through Culwulla's diagram that was posted on forums. You can see the actual plans in the Facts section, and the article below. There are 6 new photos by Old Town Resident, you can view all photos from this month HERE.
Final height of Burj Dubai: 818m (?) Burj Dubai from the Old Town
sss Height update: Burj Dubai is at level 156 / 585.7m. The concrete work is finished (it has topped out) on the tower, if the underground core (15.75m) is counted it adds up to a total of 601 meters concrete structure. 15 crystal clear new photos of Burj Dubai by Imre.
Burj Dubai scratching the sky concrete structure topping out Burj and the Residences
sss 41 new construction photos of Burj Dubai and photos of the palms and the lake in the Burj area. They were taken by Imre at the site, from Nad al Sheba and the SZR. Samples:
The tower is rising Burj Dubai posing with the palms Nad al Sheba
sss Imre went on a helicopter trip today and took 13 breathtaking photos of the giant tower, Burj Dubai.
Burj Dubai aerial Burj Dubai aerial2 Burj Dubai with the highways
sss A fantastic Burj Dubai TV commercial has been uploaded to Youtube:
sss Imre is back from his holiday with 54 new photos of Burj Dubai, the lake and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. Old Town Resident also took 5 photos of the Reehan district (with Palace Hotel pool, Burj Lake, Burj Dubai and the Lake Hotel). The Cityscape 2007 Dubai (Emaar, Nakheel, SOM and RWDI stands) update with the Burj Dubai Complex models can be viewed HERE.
Cityscape 2007 Dubai, Burj Dubai model burj-dubai-area1543.jpg BDLH
sss IMPORTANT: Yesterday our hosting company ( has become unavailable without any notice and our site went offline. We are very sorry for the inconveniences. Currently the site is placed on a temporary server and we are working hard to find the final place for
sss Ramadan in Dubai is over since 3 days, which means the construction pace is getting back to normal. One new full scale photo of the tower by Old Town Resident and another by DubaiFlo taken from the roof of the Emirates Academy:
Burj Dubai in full scale Burj Dubai from the Emirates Academy roof
sss 13 new construction photos of Burj Dubai (with the azure blue lake) by Old Town Resident. The photos were taken from the Downtown area, Palace Hotel, Business Bay and the skyline shot from the Creek extension project.
the crystal clear lake in Old Town skyline with the Burj Dubai swimming pool
sss We apologize for the downtimes that was caused by some server issues, it seems to be solved now. The screencap of the live Dubai camera shows the Emirates Towers and the Burj Dubai tower, which is 220m taller than Emirates Tower One (also known as Emirates Office Tower).
Dubai skyline with Burj Dubai and Emirates Towers
sss Burj Dubai is now 574.5 meters tall at level 154, it is 65 m ahead of Taipei 101 and 21 m ahead of CN Tower.
sss Todays photos, that can be seen below, have been taken by Old Town Resident:
cladding close-up looking up Old Town
sss Old Town Resident has taken the first photo update of October. There are new photos of Burj Dubai (top part with the cranes, cladding progress), Old Town and the Burj Dubai Lake which had a test flooding.
the crystal clear water of Burj Dubai lake top part of Burj with the cranes cladding progress
sss 22 new high-quality photos have been uploaded of Burj Dubai and the Residences. You can even spot the Dubai metro construction on one of the photos that were taken by AltinD.
Burj Dubai and the Dubai metro under construction Burj Dubai reflection Burj Dubai glass
sss 21 new construction photos added of Burj Dubai, the Lake Hotel and the Burj Dubai lake. These were taken from the Old Town, Downtown Dubai and at the construction site by Old Town Resident.
Old Town with Burj Dubai Burj at night Burj facade
sss The structural steel work for Burj Dubai is set to begin next week, claimed by the managing director of the winning bidder, Eversendai. The 14,588,750 $ contract has been signed by the Malaysian company which has worked on such as projects as: Petronas Tower 2, the KLCC Suria, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telekom Tower, KLIA Airport, KL Sentral Station and Putrajaya Convention Centre. There are 14 new night shots of Burj Dubai and the Old Town, by Old Town Resident.
burj_dubai-sept2606.jpg burj_dubai-sept2611.jpg burj_dubai-sept2605.jpg
sss There are 12 nice photos uploaded to the site of the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline at night, taken by Omaro on the 23rd, and 11 more photos by Old Town Resident of the Burj Dubai construction, taken on the 24th.
Sheikh Zayed skyline with Burj Dubai burj_dubai-sept2309.jpg burj_dubai-sept2412.jpg
sss Burj Dubai tower has risen to 564.9 meters and 152 floors. It is now 56 m taller than the current official world's tallest, Taipei 101. Imre took 6 early morning photos of it today from the Sheikh Zayed Road.
burj_dubai-sept2401.jpg burj_dubai-sept2404.jpg burj_dubai-sept2406.jpg
sss 35 new photos of Burj Dubai, the lake, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, The Dubai Mall and the Old Town taken by Imre today.
Burj Dubai tower Burj Dubai and the palms Burj worker
sss There are 48 new construction photos of Burj Dubai, 8 Boulevard Walk, South Ridge, Dubai Mall Hotel, Burj Views, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, the lake and the motorway that is going to lead to the Burj area. The photos were taken at the construction site, from the Burj Al Alam plot, the Binary plot and from the Business Bay site.
There are 3 new videos to watch.
burj_dubai-sept2027.jpg burj_dubai-sept2043.jpg burj_dubai-sept2045.jpg
sss Omaro has taken 40 beautiful art photos of Dubai Downtown area, you can view them in the September gallery (1460-1499).
Burj at night Dubai Downtown area Burj art
sss There are 37 new construction photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and the lake around the Old Town Island, these were taken today by Imre. Burj Dubai photos include the top section, the podium, full body shots and several close-ups of the facade installation.
Burj Dubai full body shot lake around the Old Town Island Burj Dubai Lake Hotel photo, September
sss 59 new photos of Burj Dubai, the underground tunnel, The Index, Liberty House and the Sky Garden tower. The photos were taken at the Burj site and from the SZR by Imre.
Burj Dubai tower facade Sky Garden tower
sss Burj Dubai became the world's tallest freestanding structure at 555.3m (1821.85 ft) height and with 150 storeys. Burj Dubai is now taller by 2 meters than the previous tallest freestanding structure, the CN Tower in Toronto which held the record since 1976 (31 years!). Burj Dubai is set to beat the KVLY/KTHI television mast in Blanchard, North Dakota which is the tallest structure on earth at 628.8 meters.
CN Tower and Burj Dubai - tallest freestanding structure
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