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sss 2 days left until the inauguration ceremony. We have created a guide for you to watch the show live in Dubai or on your TV:
Burj Dubai Inauguration Guide
Updated Burj Dubai Top gallery

Burj Dubai Inauguration Show

sss Imre has climbed to the very top of Burj Dubai. Check out the photos - this gallery will be updated with more pictures and videos. The first residents of Burj Dubai will be moving to the building in February 2010.

bd2812.jpg top01.jpg top04.jpg
sss Only one week left until the official inauguration of Burj Dubai. The party will start at 5PM local time.
New photos by Gerald and Imre.

Watch amazing Dubai sunset / sunrise videos by Gerald.

bd2505.jpg bd2507.jpg bd2515.jpg
sss Heavy works on the landscaping as the opening is in two weeks, and the 11-hectare park surrounding the Burj Dubai needs to be ready by that time. The Armani staff has arrived for the opening of the first Armani Hotel.

45 Dubai Inspired Artworks

bd2104.jpg bd2109.jpg bd2120.jpg
sss Only 20 days left until the opening!
Some new shots of the tower by 234sale and Imre - Burj Dubai Photos.
Check out the two sites below for Burj Dubai & Dubai related artworks:

Burj Dubai Graphic Art @OneGraphics
Burj Dubai Vector Art @Vector NET

bd1413.jpg bd1423.jpg bd1429.jpg
sss 54 new pictures of the tower, the Downtown Burj Dubai, Business Bay and the surroundings. The photos were taken by Imre, OTR and 234sale.

bd1232.jpg bd1207.jpg bd1212.jpg
sss Hyder Consulting’s technical accuracy and execution of high building standards work on Burj Dubai won ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the British Expertise International Awards in London. Realty experts belive that Burj Dubai property prices may appreciate 10 to 15 percent per annum over time. The latest photos were taken from the Dubai Metro, Business Bay, Old Town & Dubai Creek by Gerald, Imre, 234sale and AltinD.

bd0311.jpg bd0313.jpg bd0707.jpg
sss Today is the 38th National Day of the United Arab Emirates!
Photos of the parades and the tower can be viewed by clicking on the links below:
Burj Dubai in December
Burj Dubai in November

New videos:
- UAE National Day Parade
- UAE National Day Parade 2.
- Twinkly lights on the Burj Dubai
- Burj Dubai & Dubai Fountain
- Burj Dubai & Dubai Fountain 2.
- Burj Dubai Construction Work

United Arab Emirates 38th National Day
sss Imre took a private flight above Dubai, some excellent photos are the result, the weather conditions were perfect as well. Gerald, 234sale and OTR have also taken some excellent photos of Burj Dubai. New videos:
- David Burdeny visit to Dubai with Timelapse
- Burj Dubai Timelapse
- Burj Dubai Strobes
- Burj Dubai Moon Occultation
- Burj Dubai view from Neo's

bd2520.jpg bd2606.jpg bd2705.JPG
sss 61 new photos were taken of the skyscraper by Imre, 234sale and Old Town Resident. Take a look at them HERE.

There are a few new videos as well:
Burj Dubai and a Camel
World's Tallest Tower
Burj Dubai at Night
Meet Mr Sang Burj Dubai - an older, but still interesting video.

bd2114.jpg bd2024.jpg bd2004.jpg
sss The CTBUH has changed height criteria for tall buildings: “Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to…” which means the official height of Burj Dubai will be 824.55m upon completion. New photos by Imre, 234sale & AltinD:
Burj Dubai visit
Burj Dubai photos taken this month

burj145.jpg burj146.jpg bd1709.jpg
sss The gallery has been extended, you can find now 95 photos and 8 videos if you click on the image below, which shows the view that visitors will have from the observation deck.

View from the observation deck
sss We have 24 more photos of Imre's visit as promised, and more to come in the next days. Click on the photo below, which shows the level 124 terrace of the observation deck. As you will see on the photos, the state of the lobby and the observation deck indicates that we can expect further delays. The construction workers at the site claim that for full completion they will need another 6 - 12 months.

Burj Dubai observation deck under construction
sss Inside the Burj Dubai for the 4th time!
Imre has visited the tower once again, this time he spent 5 hours inside and was allowed to go up till Tier 19 (643 - 656 meters). We are going to show photos of his visit in the next days, starting from today. Check out the Gallery now , and the last visits: 2007.11.27 , 2008.03.29 , 2009.07.06.
Dequal's new video can be viewed HERE.

bd0907.jpg burj04.jpg burj07.jpg
sss The opening of the tower has been delayed again until 4th of January 2010, the exact date of the four-year anniversary of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum becoming the ruler of Dubai. Emaar chairman, Mohammed Alabbar, said that "We decided to inaugurate the world's highest tower during an anniversary that is dear to the hearts of everyone".
Burj tower at night
sss Imre's teddy bear was on a site visit at Business Bay. Many new photos were taken from there of Burj Dubai, and a video. More photos of the tower by Sebastian Opitz, 234sale and Imre can be found in the new Burj Dubai photo gallery. Videos by 234sale: Downtown Burj Dubai / 2.

bd0101.jpg bd0307.jpg bd0314.jpg
sss The newest photos were taken from Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Road, Business Bay, Nad Al Sheba and Downtown Burj Dubai by Imre, Gerald and 234sale. Ray Fleury has made a timetable for the cranes which you can see on the Burj Dubai Facts Page.

Latest Burj videos:
Burj Dubai sunset time-lapse
Burj Dubai from Jumeirah / 2.
Burj Dubai from the Al Khail Road / 2.

bd2916.jpg bd3028.jpg bd3040.jpg
sss Imre and 234sale took some new photos of the tower from Business Bay and from next to the Sheikh Zayed Road. Emaar is now making the final touches on the exterior.
New video:
Ameinfo update on Burj Dubai

bd2607.jpg bd2701.jpg bd2708.jpg
sss The latest photos of Burj Dubai were taken by Imre, 234sale, Gerald and Sebastian Opitz. You can view renders of the luxurious Armani apartments HERE.
New videos:
Burjj Dubai Downtown and Business Bay
Downtown Burj Dubai pan in HQ
Burj Dubai at night, light test

bd2406.jpg bd2018.jpg bd2011.jpg
sss Burj Dubai without the cranes is an amazing sight. Enjoy the new photos that were taken by 234sale, AltinD and Imre, HERE. You can watch some videos also about the tower including two of the light testing:

Burj Dubai lights testing
Burj Dubai light test at night
Burj Dubai & Downtown at night
Burj Dubai Crane Removal
The Amazing Race in Dubai

bd1905.jpg bd1908.jpg bd1411.jpg
sss Mohammed Alabbar, chairman of Emaar has confirmed the opening date of Burj Dubai. The first stage (soft opening) will be opened on December 2, the National Day of the Emirates. Only a few panels left until Burj Dubai is fully cladded.
Latest photos were taken by Imre and 234sale.

bd0811.jpg bd0810.jpg bd0816.jpg
sss Mohammed Alabbar, chairman of Emaar has confirmed the opening date of Burj Dubai. The first stage (soft opening) will be opened on December 2, the National Day of the Emirates. Only a few panels left until Burj Dubai is fully cladded.
Latest photos were taken by Imre and 234sale.

bd0811.jpg bd0810.jpg bd0816.jpg
sss Emaar Properties, developer of Burj Dubai, decided to attend the Cityscape 2009 Dubai in the end. Imre and 234sale were there to take photos of three different Burj Dubai models. You can view the photos HERE.

cs04.jpg cs14.jpg cs17.jpg
sss The online media has been falsely stating that the exterior work on Burj Dubai has been finished. Please take a look at our latest gallery to see close-up photos of the (missing) claddings. Photos were taken by Imre, 234sale and Sebastian Opitz.
New video:
Burj Dubai & Business Bay Oct 2009

bd0122.jpg bd0125.jpg bd0140.jpg
sss 55 new photos of the skyscraper by Imre, 234sale and Gerald. The observation deck will be opened along with the opening ceremony of Burj Dubai, which Emaar claims will be this year. The visitors will be able to reach the 124th (~440m) floor in 60 seconds with the double-decker elevator to have a breathtaking 360-degree view on Dubai. Take a look at the observation deck renderings.

bd2406.jpg bd2432.jpg bd2701.jpg
sss On a crystal clear day Imre took photos of Burj al-Arab and Burj Dubai together, of Atlantis Hotel, the Palm Jumeirah, the tallest block in Dubai Marina and The World. Gerald made a hilarious video of the window cleaners, well worth to SEE IT.

bd2122.jpg bd2115.jpg bd2131.jpg
sss A plan for building a 224 storey skyscraper in Abu Dhabi has been turned down according to TheNational.ae. The idea was to outdo the Burj Dubai and become the world's tallest tower. New photos of Burj Dubai can be found HERE, the latest photos were taken today by Imre. Watch a cool new video: Dubai Mall & Burj Dubai.

bd1601.jpg bd1626.jpg bd2005.jpg
sss 58 photos were taken in Dubai of the magnificent Burj Dubai. There are panoramic, night and HDR photos in the new collection that were shot by Imre, Sebastian Opitz and Old Town Resident. The Dubai Metro has been launched on 09/09/09. Now it connects the Nakheel Harbor & Towers and Rashidiya with Burj Dubai / Dubai Mall being one of the stations. There are two nice videos of the Dubai Metro:
Burj Dubai from the Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro at 474 miles per hour

bd1104.jpg bd1213.jpg bd1229.jpg
sss Stunning new photos of Burj Dubai by Sebastian Opitz, Imre and 234sale. The pictures were taken from the Old Town, Jumeirah Beach, top of The Torch tower in Dubai Marina and from the Business Bay construction site. According to Emirates Business, the cranes on the tower will be taken down in a few weeks time.

bd0510.jpg bd0514.jpg bd0803.jpg
sss We have new photos that were taken in the past days, you can check them in the September Gallery, and Sebastian Opitz has shared some of his amazing Burj Dubai photography, take a look HERE. They have started cleaning the facade of the tower, the parts cleaned from dust and sand are beautiful.

300_1134_bd.jpg 300_4128_bd.jpg bd0403.JPG
sss Imre took some amazing photos yesterday in the twilight, and more today at the constructions site, total of 41 photos.

bd2605.jpg bd2624.jpg bd2712.jpg
sss According to a spokewoman for Emaar who's been asked by Chicago Tribune, even the latest date of the public opening (Dec. 2.) is a speculation and not confirmed.
The new pictures of Burj Dubai were taken by 234sale and Imre.

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Burj Dubai Downtown Skyline
Burj Dubai , Downtown, August 2009
Burj Dubai Rising

bd2302.jpg bd2403.jpg bd2506.jpg
sss New photos by Imre, Gerald and Docc. Gerald made videos of all the 7 Dubai Fountain shows:
1. "Dhoom Taana" - Shahrukh Khan and Arjun Rampal
2. "Sama Dubai" - Mehad Hamed
3. "Waves (Amvaj)" - Bijan Mortazavi
4. "Time to Say Goodbye" - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
5. "Bassbor Al Fourgakom" - Hussain Al Jassmi
6. "Baba Yetu" - Christopher Tin
7. "Shik Shak Shok" - Hassan Abou El Seoud

Burj facade at night
sss 23 new photos were taken by Imre, Gerald and 234sale from Downtown Burj Dubai and the Business Bay. New Videos:

Burj Tower @ Dubai
Burj Dubai 12 Aug 09

bd1302.jpg bd1311.jpg bd1307.jpg
sss The latest photos were taken by 234sale, Gerald and Imre. The cladding is progressing slowly but constantly. New video showing the fountain and the tower:
Burj Dubai Fountains

bd0814.jpg bd0804.jpg bd0812.jpg
sss Many new photos were added to the Gallery of Burj Dubai. The pictures were taken by Imre, 234sale, Gerald and by Ronnie Kolehmainen who has also taken an HDR picture of the tower. According to Construction Week the last cladding panel, number 24348, will be shortly installed on the tower - Video.

bd1923.jpg bd2905.jpg bd2927.jpg
sss 3 new photos of the inside of Burj Dubai by anonymous (see below)and various other photos taken from the outside by Bizzybonita, Imre and 234sale. New videos:

Amazing fountain video
The Address Hotel up and over to the Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai and surroundings

bd0807.jpg bd0905.jpg bd0906.jpg
sss There will be no "soft opening" on September 9, as the previous reports were suggesting - the National reported citing contractors involved with the project. The tower is set to open in 2009, but Emaar has not confirmed the exact date.
46 new images of the tower were added to the July Gallery. Photos were taken by AltinD, Gerald and 234sale. Latest videos:

Tribue to Burj Dubai Fountain
Burj Dubai & Dubai Fountain 12. July

Burj Dubai Entrance to the observation deck from the Dubai Mall Dubai Fountain
sss Burj Dubai Insider: We have a new gallery with photos from the inside of the tower, including the lobby, an Armani Residences apartment and pictures from the 53rd floor. There are also new photos of the exterior by Imre, 234sale, OTR and Gerald.

insider-04.jpg insider-10.jpg insider-14.jpg
sss In the process of the crane dismantling the crane cabin has been brought down. 24 new photos by Gerald, Imre and OTR in the July Photo Gallery.
One new video for today:
Burj Dubai July 2 2009

bd0101.jpg bd0311.jpg bd0312.jpg
sss 49 new photos were taken of the tower today by Imre and 234sale, and many more in the last few days by OTR and Gerald, including some fish-eye photos. Downturn Burj Dubai gets a free-shaped bronze sculpture by Kuwaiti sculptor Sami Mohamed Al Saleh. Read a touching story about a 6 years old Burj Dubai fan HERE - too bad the tower is not in Saudi Arabia NCTimes.

HD clip of crane removal process
Burj Dubai and SZR from a distance
Burj Dubai Dancing Fountain

bd2828.jpg bd2829.jpg bd2839.jpg
sss A bunch of new photos were taken of Burj Dubai today by Imre and a few more in the last days by 234sale. There is a longer video available of the guy who was on top of the tower HERE. The Burj Dubai has been voted the Middle East's best modern building in a poll by Maktoob Business. Burj Dubai beated Burj Al Arab (2nd)and Kingdom Tower (3rd).
Two more videos:
View of Burj Dubai by night
Sheikh Zayed Road June 2009 Burj Dubai to Emirates Towers

bd2102.jpg bd2204.jpg bd2211.jpg
sss Fantastic new set of photos of the tower by Imre, 234sale and OTR. The cladding has almost finished, just a few more levels to go to be fully covered.
Dequal has released his new video, see his old videos here. Watch this scary video of a guy who is literally on the top of Burj Dubai. Excellent HD video the Dubai Fountain.

bd1717.jpg bd1809.jpg bd1821.jpg
sss According to Ziad Makhzoumi, CFO of Arabtec, Burj Dubai will be ready for the soft opening on September 9. New pictures by Old Town Resident and 234sale.

Watch the latest videos of the Dubai Fountain and the tower:
Time to say goodbye
Burj Dubai June HD
Burj Dubai June 4 2009
Burj Dubai from the Index Tower

bd0701.jpg bd0801.jpg bd0802.jpg
sss 33 new photos were added to Burj Dubai's June photo gallery. Photographers: 234sale and Imre.
New videos on Youtube:
Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai June 4. 2009.
The Burj Dubai at night

Burj Dubai Camel BD

sss The first gigapixel photo of Burj Dubai is now online thanks to Gerald's fantastic work. Follow the link and zoom in to see the amazing details. There are also two new photos of the tower taken yesterday.

Burj Dubai in the clouds Burj in the clouds

sss The latest photos of Burj tower were taken by Imre.
New videos:

Emaar's Palace in the Old Town, Downtown Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai a view from Shangri-La

Burj Dubai Tower - Driving By
The tower from the air

bd2902.jpg bd2909.jpg bd2910.jpg
sss The interior of Burj Dubai will be enchanced with over 1,000 specially commissioned pieces of art according to Emaar. The crane on top will be dismantled by August, just a month before the "soft opening". Greg Sang, Project Director at Emaar Properties said that the spire could be raised over 818 meters.
Tony Montana has shared some amazing photos taken from the inside of the tower, see it on the bottom of the photos page. There are new photos also by 234sale, and by Robert Gardner. New vids:
Dubai Fountain in HD / Downtown Burj Dubai and Business Bay May 2009 / Burj Dubai 2009

bd2506.JPG bd2503.JPG bd2705.jpg
sss New pictures of Burj Dubai, The Address Hotel and the aluminium frames of the windows by Imre, 234sale, OTR, Gerald and Dubai Boy.
Latest videos of BD:

Burj Dubai: From the Ground Up
Burj Dubai: Looking Down, Then Up
Burj Dubai in 28 seconds !
Burj Dubai from Sheikh Zayed Road
World's tallest Dancing Fountain
Burj Dubai drive

bd2208.jpg bd2233.jpg bd2238.jpg
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