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Construction Data
Cost: US$800,000,000.00
Developer: Emaar Properties
Designed by: Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill
Type: Skyscraper
Location: No. 1, Burj Dubai Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Old News
Burj Dubai Floor Plan
Burj Dubai Floor Plan
Concrete structure timetable by Fury
Steel structure timetable by Fury
Concrete timatable by Fury
Steel timetable by Fury
Spire Pinnacle Jacking Timetable
Cranes Timetable
Burj Dubai Cranes Timetable
Plans and comparisons by Ray Fleury (Fury):

Tier 00 top_Level 18.jpg Tier 01 top_Level 25.jpg Tier 02 top_Level 33.jpg Tier 03 top_Level 42.jpg Tier 04 top_Level 52.jpg Tier 05 top_Level 63.jpg Tier 06 top_Level 75.jpg Tier 07 top_Level 86.jpg Tier 08 top_Level 98.jpg Tier 09 top_Level 111.jpg Tier 10 top_Level 123.jpg Tier 11 top_Level 138.jpg Tier 12 top_Level 143.jpg Tier 13 top_Level 147.jpg Tier 14 top_Level 151.jpg Tier 15 top_Level 155 mezz.jpg Tier 16 top_Level 158 mezz.jpg Tier 17 top_Level 160 mezz 2.jpg Tier 18 burj-dubai-logo.jpg Tier 19 burj-dubai-logo.jpg Tier 20 burj-dubai-logo.jpg Tier 21 burj-dubai-logo.jpg Tier 22 top Tier 23 burj-dubai-logo.jpg
Raft to lvl 5: to level 52: lvl. 53 to 111: lvl. 112 to 155:
Lvl. 156 to section 22B Section 23 to the top Top
 Top of Burj Dubai
Spire Jacking Spire Jacking 2. Spire Jacking 3.
Spire Jacking
  Top out  
  Top out  
Burj Dubai on the map
Burj Dubai site on a Dubai map
Sectional Diagram
Burj Dubai
Cladding Details
Burj Dubai Cladding
The 80,000 sq ft / 7432 sq meter foundation slab and 50-metre deep piling
Foundation slab / pilings
Burj Dubai Lake Hotel informational page with photos, renders and models
Burj Dubai cladding photos, renders and information
Burj Dubai Progress report: 2005.January-2006.January (Huge photo)
Burj Dubai Progress illustration of webcam captures 2005.09.14-2006.01.27
Burj Dubai Progress report: 2006.February-2006.May
Burj Dubai Progress diagram 2005 - 2007
Burj Dubai Progress diagram 2007. August
Burj Dubai Complex - Aerial photo comparison of the construction site
Burj Dubai Complex aerial photo with subtitles
Burj Dubai Complex Google Earth screencapture
Burj Dubai & Shanghai World Financial Center construction and Data
Burj Dubai status - 2006 June:
Burj Dubai Complex, panoramic photo:
A photo taken from a plane, you can see the projects being built near to Burj Dubai and the render (by Larven) of the skyscraper as well:
Burj Dubai render
Burj Dubai floor counting in February, 2007:
Burj floor counting
Burj floor counting closeup
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Aerial photo of Dubai from 1950
Aerial photo of Dubai
Dubai aerial photos, 1973 - 2006
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Shanghai Tower and Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai became the tallest freestanding structure on earth, overtaking CN Tower in Toronto
Burj Dubai, the tallest structure ever compared to the 646.38 meter tall Warsaw Radio Mast (1972 - 1991)
CN Tower and Burj Dubai - tallest freestanding structure
Burj Dubai and the Warsaw Radio Mast
Burj Dubai and Freedom Tower comparison diagram
Eiffel tower and Burj Dubai comparison diagram
Burj Dubai and Freedom Tower diagram
The current world tallest, Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai Skyscraper comparison diagram:
Burj Dubai and Emirates Towers (currents tallest tower in Dubai / UAE) comparison diagram:
Burj Dubai vs. London towers (30St Mary Axe, Shard London Bridge)
Burj Dubai & The current 5 tallest skyscrapers
Under Construction

Approved Skyscrapers

Moscow Tower & Burj Dubai:
Tallest towers in Dubai
Burj Dubai construction status - 2007.04.23
Burj Dubai in other cities skyline
Burj Dubai Skyscraper
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