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sss The dismantling process of the top crane of Burj Dubai has begun. The Dubai Fountain was officially launched last weekend as a part of the Dubai Mall opening ceremony. The fountain is 25 percent larger than The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, and it shoots up water to 150 meters in height (500 ft).
New photos of the tower.
AbcNews on Dubai Fountain
Grand Opening
Burj Dubai Fountain in HD
Burj Views

bd1424.jpg bd1411.jpg bd1421.jpg

sss 73 new pictures were taken by bb4life and Imre. Most of the photos were taken today, and there are a few showing the 18 feet (5.48 meter) tall Burj Dubai lego at the Arabian Travel Market.
Burj Dubai’s interior will feature glass, stainless steel, polished dark stones, Silver Travertine flooring, Venetian stucco walls, handmade rugs and stone flooring. Read two articles about the interior design of the tower:
Burj Dubai interiors work on track
Flowing Arabic script inspires interior of Burj Dubai
Vid: Burj Dubai in High Def.

bd0107.jpg bd0512.jpg bd0729.jpg

sss New Burj pictures by bb4life.
Some really entertaining videos below about Burj Dubai:

Downtown Burj Dubai, and the cappuccino... (!)
Burj Dubai from far
Burj Dubai Tower in one shot :)
Burj Dubai time lapse (!)
Burj Dubai, Taipei 101, Burj Al Alam and more towers in Sim City

bd0104.jpg bd0101.jpg bd0105.jpg

sss Take a look at the 46 new photos of Burj Dubai, including close-ups of the top section by 234sale. A new gallery is online with the first photos of the tower in the year 2004.

Burj Dubai Tower The Address Hotel, Dubai Spire
sss 56 new photos by AltinD. New videos:
Supertall building
Burj Dubai April 25. | 2. | 3.

360° panorama Burj Dubai photos:
By night | Twilight | The Address

bd2501.jpg bd2513.jpg bd2538.jpg
sss The steel structure has been completed, and the cladding should reach completion as well by 09.09.2009, the soft opening of Burj Dubai. The latest photos were uploaded by Imre, Old Town Resident and 234sale.
Burj Dubai & surrounding 22.04.2009
Burj Dubai 22.04.2009
Burj Dubai photos from the top (!)

Steel structure complete The tower Spire
sss New pictures by 234sale, and Gerald. Click on Burj Dubai in April to see them.
Recent videos of the Dubai Fountain and the tower:
The Dubai Fountain
Burj Dubai HD
Burj Dubai and Dubai Mall
Renault Roadshow at Burj Dubai (must see!)

Shanghai Tower is going to be the second tallest skyscraper in the world once it's built. See the comparison of this 632 m tall tower and the Burj Dubai below.
Shanghai Tower and Burj Dubai height comparison

sss 85 new photos of Burj Dubai by OTR, 234sale and AltinD. The first steel is going up since a long time according to OTR.

bd0609.jpg bd0814.jpg bd0901.jpg

sss New photos and videos by 234sale and Gerald. You can find photos of Burj Dubai and the fountain in the latest gallery: Burj Dubai in April.
The fountain show is starting to take shape, Gerald recorded a video of it:
Dubai Fountain - Burj Dubai Lake, Dubai, UAE. HD

Another interesting video:
Burj Dubai Stormy Weather

bd0201.jpg bd0302.jpg bd0306.JPG
sss Heavy raining and thunderstorms in the United Arab Emirates these days. Hamid Alwazzan shared some amazing photos when Burj Dubai got hit by lightning. Scroll down in the Burj Dubai photo gallery for the latest photos.
Among other icons in Dubai, lights on Burj Dubai have also been switched off as a part of WWF's Earth Hour initiative on the 28th between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.
New photos by Gerald and 234Sale.

burj2806.jpeg burj2810.jpeg burj2901.jpg
sss 22 beautiful night photos were taken by AltinD of Burj Dubai, the fountain, the Address Hotel and the Old Town.
3 new vids of the tower and the fountain: 1. / 2. / 3.
The view from an Addres Hotel suite:
View on Burj Dubai from a suite in the Address Hotel

Burj Dubai tower Fountain under testing The Address Hotel
sss The latest photos of Burj Dubai were taken by 234sale from the Business Bay. Fountain testing still goes on, you can view the videos by Gerald below:

Dubai Fountain at night from the 63rd floor of Address Hotel 1. / 2.
Testing the Dubai Fountain at night:
1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.
Testing the fountain by Jenny
Burj Dubai videos by 234sale:
Burj Dubai District March 2009
Burj Dubai Downtown Sweep 2009

Burj Dubai and a car wreck Burj Dubai Downtown Dubai Fountain
sss 57 new photos of Burj Dubai the fountain and the surroundings by Imre, Gerald and 234sale.

Videos that are worth to watch:
Burj Dubai Raport - Good Morning America
Emirates Beoing 777-300ER Shanghai - Dubai (landing)
Burj Dubai Lake Fountain 1 / 2 / 3
The Spa Suite at The Address, Downtown Burj Dubai

burj1316.jpg burj1303.jpg burj1338.jpg
sss Speakers have been installed at the Burj Dubai lake for the fountain shows which first went operational yesterday. The fountain will be illuminated by Energy Focus' LED lights. Watch two high definition videos by Gerald of the first show:
Full Dubai Fountain testing (HD)
Full Dubai Fountain testing (HD) - 2
Latest photos of the fountain show and the tower by Gerald and 234sale.

Speaker installation at the Burj Dubai lake Fountain show Speaker installation 2.

sss A UAE daily has reported that engineers are putting final touches to the top spire, which accounts for the last few metres of the tower. Work on the interior of Burj Dubai is also being fast tracked.
76 photos were taken by Imre today, you can view these photos of Burj Dubai HERE. You can also see new photos in that gallery by Gerald and 234sale.
Dubai Classic Car Show Burj Downtown 2009
Burj Dubai Paraglider

burj0515.jpg burj0534.jpg burj0567.jpg
sss Dubai's first classic car show will be held in Downtown Burj Dubai from Feb 27 to Feb 28. You couldn't guess the name, which is Burj Dubai Classic Car Show.
Some excellent photography of Burj Dubai by Imre, Gerald, AltinD, 234Sale and Old Town Resident.
Burj Dubai 3D images by Ali Ismail
burj2011.jpg burj2103.jpg burj2306.JPG
Videos by 234Sale and Gerald:
Burj Dubai Some Clouds Pass By
Burj Dubai HD test with Canon SX1 IS
Burj Dubai Timelapse
Burj Dubai - Dubai Lake Fountain in action (HD)
Burj Dubai (HD)
Burj Dubai Lake
Burj Dubai Lake Fountain testing (HD)
Burj Dubai Lake fountain testing 2.
sss 51 new photos of Burj Dubai and the lake by Imre and Gerald.

Video of the Burj Dubai lake
Burj Dubai from Dubai Mall
A video of the tower by D2Newmanix

burj1634.jpg burj1641.jpg burj1907.JPG
sss The lake has been filled up with water and the first tests of the Dubai Fountain were yesterday. New photos of Burj Dubai and the lake by Gerald, 234sale and Imre.

burj1517.JPG burj1307.JPG burj1309.JPG
sss Emaar has finally paid to Arabian Aluminium, the cladding work continues on Burj Dubai, 2700 panels left to be placed. The latest photos of the tower are by 234sale, Imre and Old Town Resident.

burj1101.jpg burj1011.jpg burj1106.jpg

sss The Dubai Fountain was supposed to go operational on March 7., however the filling of the lake has stopped due to some cables that got flooded. The cladding work has come to a halt as well, until Emaar pays to Arabian Aluminium. Major road works have started on Burj Dubai Boulevard.

Two Videos and 250 photos of Burj Dubai.

burj07105.jpg burj07144.jpg burj07179.jpg
sss They have started filling the Burj Dubai lake with water. The CTUBH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) suggests that the Burj Dubai will remain the world's tallest building until 2020, because of the uncertain future of many proposed projects. Heights are expected to drop until 2017.
Work at several Emaar Properties projects in Dubai is expected to come to a halt in the coming weeks, however Burj Dubai is not one of them. New Burj photos by Imre, 234sale and Gerald.

burj0303.jpg burj0501.jpg burj0505.jpg
sss An excellent documentary film about Dubai by Piers Morgan (ITV) can be watched now on YouTube. If you'd like to jump straight to the part where they talk about Burj Dubai then hit the second half of part 3.
Parts: 1 |2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
New photos by Imre, 234sale, Abdulrahman, Omar, and Old Town Resident.
January Photos |February Photos | Burj Dubai Apartment | Burj Dubai on TV

burj3010.jpg burj3103.jpg burj3101.jpg
sss Ever wanted to have your very own 1:1700 scale Burj Dubai model at home? Then go and download the paper tower created by Rei Ayanami HERE.
The latest pictures of Burj Dubai were taken by Imre and 234sale.

burj2704.jpg burj2710.jpg burj2713.jpg
sss Burj Dubai has reached its final height of 818 meters, however the work is going on and cladding installation continued. New photos of the tower were taken by Imre, 234sale and Gerald.
If you'd like to suggest Emaar what music to use for the Dubai Fountain and see it in action on a short video, then click HERE.

Burj Dubai cladding installation The Address Hotel and Burj Dubai in the background
After more than 3 years of construction Burj Dubai finally topped out on 17.01.2009 ! Special photo gallery for the occasion HERE. New spire jacking plans and timetable added to facts page by Fury.
Burj Dubai top out
20.12.2009: Burj Dubai completes.
: Burj Dubai tops out at 818 m.
01.09.2008: Tallest structure ever built.
07.04.2008: Tallest man-made structure.
12.09.2007: Tallest freestanding structure.
21.07.2007: Surpasses Taipei 101.
01.02.2007: Most floors.
21.09.2004: Construction begins.
sss 44 new photos including panorama pictures, lightning hits the top of Burj Dubai, painting the Burj Dubai artificial lake and regular shots of the tower. They were taken at the construction site, from Old Town, Festival City, Meydan Road, Al Wasl, Al Khail Road, Business Bay Crossing, Satwa and from the Sheikh Zayed Rd.
New videos by Imre and 234sale:
Lightning Burj Dubai Jan 2009 Slow Motion
Lightning Strike Burj Dubai Jan 2009
Burj Dubai from the SZR Jan. 15
Burj Dubai by Imre Solt, 14. January
Burj Dubai by Imre Solt, 13. January
Burj Dubai Fountain, 13. January 2009

Burj Dubai spire towerburj1424.jpg
sss The 7th jacking stage has been completed on 11/01/2009. Burj Dubai is at ~ 808 m, but if everything goes well it will hit the final height on Saturday. The last jacking stage will raise the height by another 10 meters.
New photos by 234sale and Old Town Resident.
burj1202.jpg burj1201.jpg burj1301.jpg
sss Plenty new photos by Imre, most were taken from the Business Bay. 234sale also took a few pictures of Burj Dubai from the Old Town.
Burj Dubai architect Marshall Strabala was interviewed by Arabian Business, well worth to read it HERE.
Strabala said:
"I don't know where it (Burj Dubai) is with its steel but 808 metres was its design when I left SOM in 2006, which is exactly half a mile tall," and that "They should be very close to topping it out." How true!

burj0909.jpg burj0922.jpg burj0907.jpg
sss News is spreading on several websites about Burj Dubai being topped out. Burj Dubai has not yet reached its final height, still 18 meters to go.
Recession in Dubai or not, even David Beckham has invested in the Burj Dubai. His choice was one of the 144 Armani-designed apartments.
8 new photos of the tower by 234sale, they were taken at the construction site and from the Old Town.

burj0802.jpg burj0801.jpg burj0702.jpg
sss Latest pictures were added to the current Burj Dubai gallery. 14 photos were taken by Imre, another 14 by Marcel and 2 by 234sale.
Fury made a timetable for both the concrete and the steel tiers with corresponding date, level and height data. See it on the Burj Dubai facts page.
Burj Dubai January Video

burj0131.jpg burj0403.jpg burj0410.jpg
sss New photos of Burj Dubai and the Emirates fountain by Imre Solt.
Burj Dubai Photos 2009. January
Burj Dubai Photos 2008. December

Burj3102.jpg burj0101.jpg burj0102.jpg
sss Another milestone for Burj Dubai. The tower has reached 800 meters in height after the latest spire jacking. Another two jacking stages left until top out which is expected in the last week of January 2009.
New photos by Old Town Resident and spire jacking explanation by Fury.
Latest videos on Youtube that are worth to watch:
Burj Dubai on CNBC (Arabic)
Burj Dubai tower fireworks show concept for New Year's Eve 2009

Burj Dubai spire jacking Burj Dubai spire Burj Dubai top beacon
sss New pictures of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Downtown and the Dubai Mall by Imre, OTR and Rizwan Tariq.
Burj07.jpg Burj08.jpg Burj09.jpg
2008 construction progress on
Burj Dubai:

Burj Dubai 2008

sss The spire jacking and cladding is moving along quickly. The height has increased to ~ 789 meters. Fury's explanation on the top tiers and the spire jacking can be found on the Burj Dubai facts page.
Fantastic art photos of Burj Dubai by Rizwan Tariq, see them below. New photos of the tower by Imre and OTR.

Burj02.jpg Burj03.jpg Burj04.jpg Burj05.jpg Burj06.jpg

sss New photos of Burj Dubai, the construction site, The Address and the Old Town by Imre, Dennis, Old Town Resident and AltinD.
According to OTR the Burj Dubai is not going to top out this year, but is expected in the last week of January with two main spire jacking stages to go.

Burj1816.jpg Burj1910.jpg Burj2001.jpg
sss The spire jacking has been progressing rapidly in the last two days. It is estimated to be jacked up to around 770 meters.
Picture updates of the spire and the tower itself by Imre, Old Town Resident, AltinD and Gerald Donovan.

Spire erection Burj Dubai and a palm tree Burj Dubai from The Address hotel's bar on the 63rd floor

New short video of Burj by Imre
sss Google Earth has been updated with new aerials of Dubai, see the updated aerial of Burj Dubai below. Latest photos of Burj Dubai and The Address hotel were taken By Dennis from the Jumeirah beach and the Dubai Mall.
Sheikh Zayed Road ride by 234sale
2009 Skyscrapers video by Adrian

Burj1201.jpg Burj1202.jpg Burj1203.jpg
Burj Dubai aerial 2008
sss Burj Dubai's lights will be turned off for an hour in March 2009. as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah will join the WWF Earth Hour among more than a thousand cities on earth.
Mohamed took 20 photos of the Old Town the Dubai Mall, The Address hotel and of Burj Dubai, and Ronnie Stewart took 4 pictures of Burj Dubai and The Address.
Dave Alexander also shared his excellent photo of the whole Downtown Burj Dubai. His other works can be seen on his Flickr page.

Lighting hit Burj Dubai caught on video.
Downtown Burj Dubai Burj with Old Town lamp The Address hotel
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