Burj Dubai News 7.
sss Omaro took 12 photos of Burj Dubai and Dubai Mall yesterday.
Dubai Mall and Burj Dubai Burj Dubai September Burj Dubai's top
sss The latest photos of Burj Dubai / Burj Dubai Lake Hotel / the lake around the Old Town island have been added to the gallery. Imre took these photos at the Burj site and from the Jumeirah Road.
burj_dubai-sept0922.jpg burj_dubai-sept0931.jpg Burj Dubai lake
sss 11 photos were taken from Emaar's sales center of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel models. The gallery can be viewed HERE, and the previous years models are here: 2005 / 2006.
Burj Dubai model in Emaar's sale center Burj Dubai complex Burj Dubai Lake Hotel
sss 35 new construction photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and Burj Views. The photos were taken by Imre from various places: Burj site, Business Bay, Burj Down Town area and from the Old Town.
burj_dubai-sept0631.jpg burj_dubai-sept0633.jpg burj_dubai-sept0612.jpg
sss Syedaouf is back with 3 new photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Residences and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel that were taken from the Sheikh Zayed Road.
Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Dubai burj_dubai-sept0402.jpg burj_dubai-sept0403.jpg
sss Burj Dubai is on the way to become the world's tallest freestanding structure. At 545.7 m (148 levels), it is just 7 m shorter than the CN Tower in Toronto. List of the current 5 tallest freestanding structures:

1. CN Tower, Toronto, Canada - 553m.
2. Burj Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 546m.
3. Ostankino Tower, Moscow, Russia - 540m.
4. Sears Tower, Chicago, United States - 527m.
5. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan - 509m.
sss The photo gallery of September is now opened with 36 photos to view that Imre took today of Burj Dubai.
burj_dubai-sept0201.jpg Burj Dubai facade installation burj_dubai-sept0218.jpg
sss Another photo update by Imre, this time with 17 new construction photos of Burj Dubai.
burjdubai2901.jpg burjdubai2912.jpg burjdubai2916.jpg
sss 38 new photos of Burj Dubai and the lake by Imre.
burjdubai2621.jpg burjdubai2622.jpg burjdubai2637.jpg
sss Visual comparison of Burj Dubai tower (818m final height; Dubai / UAE) and Freedom Tower (541,3m final height; New York / USA):
Burj Dubai and Freedom Tower diagram
sss 36 new photos of Burj Dubai including 3 of Burj Dubai lake and 2 of the advertisement of WTC Residence. Photos were taken by Imre. Currently there are over 6000 employees working on Burj Dubai.
burjdubai2405.jpg burjdubai2328.jpg burjdubai2407.jpg
sss A couple of new photos of Burj Dubai Complex, including Boulevard Central, 29 Burj Dubai Boulevard, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and Burj Dubai of course with 4 night shots. Credits to Dubai Dreamin.
burjdubai1627.jpg Burj Dubai at night burjdubai2004.jpg
sss 44 new shots of Burj Dubai tower and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. They were taken at the site and from Lam Tara plot by Imre. Burj Dubai climbed to 146 storeys / 536.1 meters.
burjdubai1904.jpg burjdubai1944.jpg burjdubai1929.jpg
sss A group of Brazilian people went to the Burj Dubai construction site to take a very funny video, you can watch it by clicking the small photo below. The all new 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser is being tested in the dunes of Dubai, and they have taken one of the official photos with the Burj in the background.
Brazilian people at the Burj Dubai construction site Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai
sss New photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, Dubai Mall Hotel and the Dubai Mall. Imre took these photos at the construction site and from the Business Bay plot.
burjdubai1601.jpg burjdubai1621.jpg burjdubai1624.jpg
sss There are 36 new photos to take a look at in the 2007 / August gallery. Click HERE to watch the official Burj Dubai video by Samsung (only in Korean language but great spectacle).
burjdubai1211.jpg burjdubai1220.jpg burjdubai1229.jpg
sss Burj Dubai has set another record by overtaking the height of Sears Tower's antenna, which stands at 527.3m. The tallest skyscraper that erects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is now 531.3m tall and has 145 storeys! The 7432 sq meter foundation slab and 50-metre deep piling:
Foundation slab / pilings
sss 4 breathtaking aerial shots of Burj Dubai by Beno Saradzik and Daren Bell, plus 27 new construction photos by Imre. Lee Hopkins made a diagram of the current progress:
construction progress: 2007 August wtb-burj-2738.jpg wtb-burj-2735.jpg wtb-burj-2736.jpg wtb-burj-2737.jpg
sss 45 new photos of Burj Dubai and the Burj Dubai Lake, and a new video taken from the Sheikh Zayed Road.
burjdubai0931.jpg burjdubai0935.jpg burjdubai0945.jpg
sss 112 new construction photos from the last 3 days and one video of Burj Dubai skyscraper by Imre. The photos were taken at the site and from the SZR, Business Bay, Nad Al Sheba, Muscat Road, Safa Park , 41st Road, Jumeirah Road, Mercato Centre, Palm Strip, Millenium Tower, Old Town and from Satwa.
burjdubai0404.jpg burjdubai0441.jpg burjdubai0510.jpg
sss Burj Dubai is now 521.7m tall and has 143 storeys. First photos of August: one high quality night shot taken by M.A. Al Saeed, 45 photos by Imre taken from various places: Burj Dubai Site, Al Jaffilia, Sheikh Zayed Road, The Old Town Sit. Plus 3 new videos added. Photo samples:
burjdubai0201.jpg burjdubai0215.jpg burjdubai0239.jpg
sss They have started testing the Burj Dubai lake in the mock-up area. 33 new construction photos by Imre.
wtb-burj-3031.jpg wtb-burj-3020.jpg wtb-burj-3025.jpg
sss 2 excellent night shots by M.A. Al Saeed added to the Gallery and another 34 photos by Imre taken from various places (Burj Dubai construction site, Baniyas Road, Deira, Umm Hurair Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai International Financial Centre).
wtb-burj-2602.jpg wtb-burj-2710.jpg wtb-burj-2733.jpg
sss 20 new photos of Burj Dubai tower by Imre. Samples:
wtb-burj-2501.jpg wtb-burj-2507.jpg wtb-burj-2518.jpg
sss 84 new photos and 4 videos of the new world's tallest skyscraper (63 photos from yesterday and 21from today) in Imre's History photo update.
wtb-burj-2206.jpg wtb-burj-2145.jpg wtb-burj-2218.jpg
sss Today, Burj Dubai became the world's tallest skyscraper. It now has the tallest architectural top of any building at 512.1 m height and with 141 floors. Records:
- Tallest skyscraper to top of spire: 512.1 m (Taipei 101 - 509.2 m)
- Tallest skyscraper to top of roof: 512.1 m (Taipei 101 - 449.2 m )
- Most habitable floors: 141 (Sears Tower / World Trade Center 110)
- Vertical concrete pumping: 512.1 m (Taipei 101 - 439.2 m)
Burj Dubai WTB
sss 28 new photos taken on the site and from the Old Town.
wtb-burj-1902.jpg wtb-burj-1909.jpg wtb-burj-1925.jpg
sss Imre went for an early morning photo shooting to take photos of
Burj Dubai. They were taken on the Burj Dubai construction site, from
the Dancing Towers plot, Burj Al Alam plot and the Business Bay area. You can see all of them here, and the two videos here. Samples below:
wtb-burj-1804.jpg wtb-burj-1807.jpg wtb-burj-1819.jpg
sss The Burj Dubai is set to become the world's tallest tower on 21st July. 45 fresh photos of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai lake, taken at the site and from Nad al Sheba. Credit to Imre Solt.
wtb-burj-1609.jpg wtb-burj-1704.jpg wtb-burj-1723.jpg
sss 42 new photos have been added, including photos of the renders of Burj Dubai metro station, the highway interchange and Burj Dubai posing with The Index and Rose Rotana towers. Credit to Imre and AltinD. Burj Dubai stands at 507.3m (level 140), less than 2 meters to overtake Taipei 101.
wtb-burj-1410.jpg wtb-burj-1429.jpg wtb-burj-1436.jpg
sss 24 new photos of Burj Dubai taken on the construction site and from The Old Town.
wtb-burj-0903.jpg wtb-burj-0912.jpg wtb-burj-0921.jpg
sss Another 22 photos have been added of Burj Dubai, that were taken today by Imre.
wtb-burj-0801.jpg wtb-burj-0819.jpg wtb-burj-0820.jpg
sss 40 new photos of Burj Dubai Tower in Imre's 777 (July 7.) update. Currently there are 5936 workers at the construction site.
wtb-burj-0707.jpg wtb-burj-0725.jpg wtb-burj-0736.jpg
sss 24 new construction photos by Imre Solt.
wtb-burj-0413.jpg wtb-burj-0418.jpg wtb-burj-0423.jpg
2007.july.03a sss Take a look at the latest photos in the July's gallery by AltinD.
wtb-burj-0101.jpg wtb-burj-0109.jpg wtb-burj-0114.jpg
sss Burj Dubai rose to level 138 / 498.2 meters, another 3 storeys to become the world's tallest skyscraper.
sss 15 new Burj Dubai construction photos by Imre.
burjdubai062807.jpg burjdubai062811.jpg burjdubai062812.jpg
sss Imre has taken 20 new photos of the tower today.
burjdubai062501.jpg burjdubai062503.jpg burjdubai062515.jpg
sss Burj Dubai is now 492.9 meters tall at level 136. Only a few weeks left until it breaks the record of Taipei 101.
sss 53 new construction photos by Imre, Dubai Lover and Syedaouf. A gallery of Andisart's work has been added HERE with couple of Burj Dubai renders.
burjdubai062203.jpg burjdubai062227.jpg bluesky render.jpg
2007.june.21a sss 22 new photos added, and 3 high quality renders by Zion of the Burj Dubai claddings.
burj_03.jpg burjdubai062102.jpg burjdubai062110.jpg
sss There are two new apartments (27th floor / 94th floor) for sale in Burj Dubai, for more information click HERE.
apartment apartment
sss 15 new construction photos, including 3 aerial photos taken from an Emirates Airline plane.
burjdubai061624.jpg burjdubai061808.jpg burjdubai061810.jpg
sss Imre has taken 21 early morning photos today.
burjdubai061601.jpg burjdubai061602.jpg burjdubai061619.jpg
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