Burj Dubai News 10.
sss 11 more photos by Imre as a gift. Burj Dubai with the residence towers and a bit of the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline.

Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1422.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1425.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1429.jpg
sss 19 new photos in Imre's "Happy Valentines" update.
Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1419.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1410.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1413.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1406.jpg
sss One nice new photo by Jaqkar:
sss Photos and a video from the top of Burj Dubai (February 9.), they can be found HERE.
After a successful facade testing they will start the cladding on five different levels to make up for lost time. New photo of the current plan, the final height is still unknown so are the number of floors. What is known, that it will have over 160 storeys / 800m.
plan onthetop3.jpg onthetop5.jpg onthetop9.jpg
sss New video clip by Imre, this time you can spot a few windows on the tower:
sss 15 photos from today by Imre, closeups of the facade testing.
Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1109.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1113.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-1115.jpg
sss 11 closeup photos by Syedaouf including one with the facade.
facade Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0949.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0954.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0948.jpg
sss Another 22 pictures by Imre in his regular Friday update.
Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0925.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0932.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0938.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0939.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0940.jpg
sss 22 new photos of Burj Dubai, Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, Burj Dubai Residences, and the Dubai Mall by Syedaouf. The tower is currently 109 floors tall and ~379 m above ground level. There is a new facade testing ongoing:
Facade testing Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0903.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0910.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0911.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0918.jpg
sss 4 aerial photos taken from a helicopter of Burj Dubai Complex at the end of January. Photographer: Joe Brown.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3104.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3105.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3106.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3107.jpg
sss Take a virtual tour inside the serviced apartments of Burj Dubai HERE.
Burj Dubai apartment apartment apartment apartment
sss Burj Dubai is not only behind schedule, but might face a rescale back to the original 705 m height. This is due to time difficulties and the failed water leak tests of Schmidlin claddings.
7days: "Late last year 7DAYS saw a confidential document relating to the project in which Emaar recognised that they would have to scale back their ambitious 808-metre target height for the tower to just over 700 metres. The reasons for this downward reversion came from a combination of time constraints and the aforementioned construction difficulties."
sss 10 new construction photos by Imre.
Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0301.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0304.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0305.jpg
sss 11 new photos of Burj Dubai and Burj Dubai Lake Hotel by Imre, in the regular Friday update. Burj Dubai is at lvl. 108.
Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0207.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0209.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0211.jpg Burj-Dubai-Tower-02-0212.jpg
sss First photo of February by Syedaouf:
sss Officials finally admitted that Burj Dubai is at least months off schedule:
Gulfnews: "Dubai: The world's tallest tower, the $900 million Burj Dubai, is months off schedule after its cladding work timetable was thrown into disarray last year, officials admitted."
Bloomberg: "Burj Dubai, the world's tallest skyscraper, is facing construction delays of at least a year after a leading contractor on the project went bankrupt, leaving the tower without any external walls."

sss Discovery Channel -Mega Builders- is showing Burj Dubai Skyscraper tonight at 8PM:
"An international team of construction engineers are building the world's tallest skyscraper in the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai. At close to three quarters of a kilometer high, the Burj Dubai's will push these workers wits to the limit."

sss 3 photos of Burj Dubai tower from Dubai Festival City:
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3101.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3102.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3103.jpg
sss Another update by Imre with 14 photos this time.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3011.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3009.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3007.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-3010.jpg
sss Night shots by AltinD
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2801.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2802.jpg
sss Another 8 photos added to the January photo gallery.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2729.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2730.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2733.jpg
sss Click here to watch the 4 Burj Dubai videos.
Dubai Burj Burj Burj
sss Imre took 25 photos today that you can check on the photos page (Burj Dubai / Burj Duba Lake Hotel)(photos/2007/January). Burj Dubai videos are coming up later today.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2704.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2705.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2708.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2709.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2712.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2719.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2725.jpg
sss Couple of new photos by Syedaouf taken from the SZR. Burj Dubai is at lvl. 106 / ~368m. Burj Dubai is currently the 11th world's tallest building.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2422.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2423.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2424.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2425.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2426.jpg
sss Imre is back again to provide us his usual quality updates, 21 new photos this time. Burj Dubai is closing to 400m.
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2414.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2416.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2417.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2420.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2404.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2401.jpg
sss Another two renders by Zion, the second is a night render:
Dubai Dubai
sss Two new photos by Guy in Dubai, one from today and another from the 18th:
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1804.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-2001.jpg
sss Burj Dubai construction photos from yesterday, by Syedaouf
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1801.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1802.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1803.jpg
sss Our condolences to the families of the workers that died or injured in the 35 storey Jumeirah Lake Tower where fire broke out today in Dubai.
Fire in Dubai
sss Zion from Tokyo, have shared his high quality Burj Dubai 3DS digital artwork. Take a look at all the renderings and making of HERE
Burj Dubai Burj Dubai render
sss 2 new photos of Burj by Guy in Dubai:
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1301.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-1302.jpg
sss A recent video (2 days old) taken of Burj Dubai from the Sheikh Zayed Road, click HERE to watch it
Burj Dubai video Burj video Burj video
sss Another possible threat for Burj Dubai
The new proposal by the Dubai Municipality could strongly slow down the construction of the tower. The proposal includes that constructions near to residential buildings would come to a halt at nights. To be exact, from 8PM till 7AM. This would affect Burj Dubai due to the closeness of the Burj Dubai Residences. There is nothing to worry about till it is only a proposal, and it would take a while for the new law to be implemented.
Dubai construction noise affect the living communities
sss The latest photo of Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, and an informational page with renders, the BLDH model, sketches and the construction photos HERE
sss 3 new photos by AltinD:
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0902.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0903.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0904.jpg
sss Burj Dubai and the Emirates Towers:
sss Two quick photos by Guy in Dubai taken with his mobile:
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0801.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0802.jpg
sss Couple of problems arise, while Burj Dubai is slowly joining into the world's tallest Top 10 chart. According to one of the engineers, they have found thin cracks on the foundation of Burj Dubai. They are still examining the problem and the cause, but it has already slowed down the construction of the wings. They have coloured white the walls around lvl. 17 to be able to examine the cracks in depth. Sadly, that's not all, it seems that the last test of the facades failed as well, but they say it won't slow down the construction.
sss A nice skyline shot by The Dubai Guys taken from the city centre's car park:
sss First photos of Burj Dubai in 2007, the skyscraper has passed 100 storeys and heading to become the world's tallest. You can find 11 photos here
Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0403.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0401.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0409.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0410.jpg Burj-Dubai-Skyscraper-0411.jpg
sss History is rising: Burj Dubai is celebrating the new year with 100 floors
burj-dubai-tower-dec-31-01.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-31-02.jpg
sss Two Burj Dubai animations by Mike Murry on YouTube, the first is the daylight version and the second is the sunset
Burj Dubai animation Burj anim Burj anim 3 Burj anim 4
sss 9 more photos by AltinD
burj-dubai-tower-dec-25-03.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-25-05.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-25-09.jpg burj-dubai-tower-dec-25-10.jpg
sss A new photo by AltinD. Burj Dubai is currently 97 storey high, and 350m+. Possibly it will reach 100 storeys by the end of this year.
sss Burj Dubai at night:
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